September 7, 2012

Rest In Peace Siru

Last Wednesday my dear cat Siru was passed away. Because of her health problems she was euthanized.
Siru was the queen of this house. She was the first cat and she seemed to know this. Siru was VERY dear to me for she is my first cat I’ve every had and she had her own quirks. Siru was so special to me.

Siru had been worse and worse by the time going by. She stopped using the litter box and she was a lot by herself. She slept a lot and didn’t play with toys anymore. On the last day she just slept in the sauna and didn’t come out at all. When after the day I was coming to see Siru she was laconic and sad. This continued on for the rest of the day. And she didn’t eat anymore. At the end of the night we decided to take Siru to the on-call vet.

At the vet the vet inspected Siru and he said that her gums were yellowish and there was something hard on her belly. This could pointed to tumor of some kind. Plus all we had told about Siru and how she did not eat anymore or anything and she was so painfully thin. The options were more examinations or euthanasia - and both the nurse and the doctor were suggesting euthanasia at this point. It was one of the most hardest decitions to made but it was necessary. Siru was so tired and done so it was painful to watch it anymore. I first was on the side of doing more examinations but at the end even I leaned towards euthanasia and it was so hard.

I got the chance to say goodbye to Siru before the vet came with the needle. They told me that she was going to be put to sleep first before the final injection. I felt so bad after I had seen it and I wished I could just make it all go away or reverse everything - but I couldn’t. I said my last goodbyes to Siru and we left the room. We had to go to the car to calm down a bit before we went back inside to choose the urn for we had decided to cremate Siru. After that we headed home with a carrying box that was now empty. The rest of the night went in tears as we were thinking back the whole day and what had happened and the longing of our beloved cat.

The next days went by crying over our dear Siru. I couldn’t believe that she was gone. But it helped me to think that she was now above the clouds watching down at us and she didn’t had to suffer anymore. It has been hard to let go to someone you love so dearly but the good memories will come up every time I think of Siru. I believe that in time the pain will go away and only the good memories will last. I will always remember Siru and she will always have a special place in my heart. 
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