April 25, 2014

More Ideas to Write About

I have started to have ideas to write about from my dreams... Between the strange dreams and nightmares there’s sometimes true gems – at least it feels that way to me. They give me ideas and the rest is up to me.

Usually when I wake up, a simplest idea (for example a black lace mask in one of my dreams) gives me a new idea to write about and that simple thing in my dream started to create ideas and a plot and characters like a tree creates branches. After that dream with the lace mask, I was talking with my mom about something I can’t remember anymore, for my mind was creating and I was anxious to go and write everything down. It doesn’t matter where I write my ideas; to paper, to computer, to my phone – I just need to write the idea down so it won’t flee out of my mind.

My ideas do flee my mind – sometimes forever. If I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea in my head but do not write it down immediately, I most likely won’t remember it when I next time wake up in the morning. That frustrates me so much! But I try to calm myself with that it may have not been that good idea after all, otherwise I would remember it. But the knowledge about missing something maybe really valuable idea still smothers on the back of my mind. I may remember tiny parts of the main idea, but that is not enough to bring the whole idea back... But then I move on.

Today I got yet another idea to write about when I was just laying in my bed letting my ideas take flight... It might be an idea for a children’s book, or at least it feels like it at the moment. If the idea catches on it will be a lavishly illustrated book with lots of ravens... We will see.

I love when the certain parts of the book starts to come in my head, characters, their names, happenings and the lines every character would say. It’s like seeing a movie inside my head. The happenings most likely hit me before the very sentence which starts the whole book. I’m waiting that one sentence, turning the possible sentences in my head back and forth seeing will any of them be the one. Until one comes to my mind and that is it. To me that is the whole key that unlocks the door to the whole new project once and for all. Then the most interesting part of the journey begins; will I ever get to the end of it all or will it be an unfinished tale untold?

This is currently one of my favorite necklaces at the moment. The metal pieces remind me of the type bars of an old typewriter, which I love. My mom found this necklace from a second hand shop but I have been using it. I feel it brings me good luck...

The idea I got today is still so fresh, so I couldn’t have work on that much yet. I like to savour the whole idea before writing anything specific down... I hope this will start a new tale to tell. Fingers crossed.

April 21, 2014

Easter and Egg Hunts with Cats

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter got to be one of my favorite holidays! Though I’m not into much what it’s really celebrating, I love the free time, feathers and egg hunts with the cats...

First few days went just staying up late and sleeping late... But it was worth it; seeing the first rays of the sun is always priceless. Lara was also watching her territory from the bedroom window and I bet that she also enjoyed the rising sun.

I had thought what to make and bake for Easter quite a long time. I knew I wanted to make a seitan roast and spicy potato wedges along with orange sauce. I didn’t know at all would the orange sauce suit with the seitan but because it seemed a common thing to prepare duck for Easter with orange sauce (and my mom made it also) I thought it might be an exotic thing to try – and it was. My mom did also eat my seitan when it had came from the oven...

I also baked a vegan peach ”cheesecake” from scratch.

My dad had gave us a bottle of red wine which was some kind of “art wine” from 2009 named “Vinos De Arte”. He had gave it to us for last Christmas but we had been saving it until this Easter when we finally opened it. I used to drink more red wine but nowadays I rarely do and I’m kind of picky of what I will drink what comes to wines but this wine was very good! Not that I would have waited it to be bad in any way...

Today was the last day of Easter which was also a holiday out from work to those who work. Today was a lazy day and even I did not sleep that late, I didn’t really have anything special things to do... The food side went towards pizza (like it usually does when we are having a lazy day) – even I did have seitan left (but now it will last longer, hah!)

The rest of the evening has been going well and just relaxing, listening to music and watching the sun go down... I couldn’t have wished for more from this Easter.

April 15, 2014

The Fight Against The Bad Days

I have been having a rough time lately and worry about my health. I was at the eye doctor and he said that the optic nerves of my eyes looked anomalous and he made a rapid referral to a central hospital for a follow-up examination. There could be many reasons for that my eyeground looked different, some more severe than others and that got me very worried.

The time went by so slow for I have been worrying so much lately, even I have been trying not to. All the stress and worry got me really down emotionally... So today I went to see an eye doctor to the central hospital. The doctor’s appointment went well – he said the words I needed to hear: “there’s nothing to worry about”. I still need to go to CT scan of my head to make sure everything is okay... After the appointment was over I could breathe for first time in a week for I had been so stressed.

I have been having rough times many times in my life - but who hasn't? The key for me is having to find the ray of light into the pile of twigs. I have had many methods to find that ray, for example, watching movies (that has been a lifesaver for me), writing (another lifesaver), listening to music or surfing in the internet for hours trying to watch funny pictures or videos and these are the top of my list.

Now, I’ll try to stay as positive as I can! That’s really my only option right now.

April 8, 2014

Dreams About My Own Future Home...

I’m dreaming about my own home. I have planned to move out when I’m 23-years-old but then again, people have asked why hurry? I’m sometimes a bit confused for at first I was hurried to move out on my own but all of a sudden I was asked why I’m in a hurry. I guess I’m not but I will see what happens after a year, after all it’s quite a long time but so short in its own way...

I have bought my own stuff already which I know will have a place in my own home one day. And I have been looking a lot of photos of different houses and rooms and gathered ideas from them.

I love black and white and stripes and I would like black and white home, the white part balancing the black elements – especially in the living room:

I definitely want a lot of paintings and mirrors on the walls with detailed frames:

I also love imposing lamps and chandeliers:

I actually have that first one on the left top corner but I need to get tassels to garnish it with.

I would like a bigger bed than I do now and with elaborate headboard. I have always fantasized about a bed like this:

But this kind of bed will do for my first home: 

I would love a bed like this also: 

And with black and white striped bed sheets (of course!): 

And a bedside table, which I have always wanted: 

And a dressing table would be lovely: 

And an actual dressing room: 

Black bathroom would be more than nice:

And since I do want to be a writer one day, I would like to have a work room with a writing desk:

I would love to get my antique stuff scattered around my home as well as my old antique medical bottles to my vitrine where they can be seen.

I love old, antique photos and keys and I will make sure they are everywhere...

I know that many of these rooms and things are still only a daydream but I will have my dream home one day!

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