February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

It’s Valentines Day!! Ok… No. There’s no overly romantic post to come... I fact I spent my Valentine’s Day with my ladies. I am damn single all the damn time. Always have been – unfortunately. So there will be no princess of a unicorn under my balcony. Thank you.
What do I do then? Whine about it in every internet media I could find? HA! No... I accept it and pour more booze in the drink.

Anyhoo, that was the wannabe-sarcastic thing about this in my head but this is just another holiday for me. Eating well and drinking well... No time for clichés or anything, no reason or logic for cheesy “I love you too” blabbing. I do, however, post greetings with “<3” on internet and to my friend’s telling they are important. This is more like a friendly thing to me. I do hope it won’t change if I some day find someone. I don’t want to swim in syrup.

So spending the Valentines Day just between us girls included good food, good dessert and good puch.. In other words;
red wine, vegetable lasagna, waffles with raspberry jam and (vegan) whipped cream and pink raspberry punch.

So starting with eating well, we made vegetable lasagna. I’ve got an obsession about vegetable lasagna. Unfortunately it only last in this house not more than two days (or rather one and a half).

Getting everything ready and during that short moment we turned our backs, Siru had got herself into the lasagna dish. I bet she felt so overly comfortable in it we would have not got the dish back for the rest of the night, but knowing cats you can always trade the bowl to another. 

And that suited her better, like it was made for a cat. Perfect. (no worries we didn’t make the lasagna to the dish before cleaning it thoroughly – 100% free of cat hair and everything else!)


For dessert there was heart shaped waffles with raspberry jam and vegan whipped cream. I had been absolutely craving for waffles I had to make them and this vegan whipped cream was a new thing and I wanted to test it out, and what better way than make delicious waffles?

One of the most important things in every holiday or anything holiday-ish seems to be drrrinks (people find million reason to drink but holidays give them a million more). On Valentines Day it’s got to be pretty and pink: raspberry punch – with lovely raspberries and, oh what the hell...alcohol, or course. I had tried to look over the internet to make a GOOD raspberry punch, not overly-boozed up juice. Many punches seemed to have raspberry liqueur and other alcohol like white wine, sider etc. in it ON TOP of vodka. And I was looking for something a little more cost-effective but still very tasty and effective – It sucks if punch is overly sweet (yuck!) or too juice-like children’s party dishwater. And after wading through those liqueur versions and non-alcoholic baby shower shit I came to the conclusion that adding “raspberry-thing” this and “something-else” that and booze and tasting it every once and a while would work just fine. And it did! When adding frozen raspberries lastly, they coloured the punch and kept it chilled. Very, very nice...

February 4, 2012

"We gonna party like it's your birthday...”

Well it’s not my “official” birthday anymore, although my B-Day par-tay were!

I had been so extremely stressed about this days before and while losing my good night sleep over this I was actually afraid whether I’m going to snap – but in the end I didn’t explode all over the walls after all. I acted as cool as I could and little does anyone know that I was actually dyeing my hair the night before, way after midnight and took the damn cake out of the over around 6… A.M.!!
I was stressed about the cake, because with my “luck” I manage to fuck everything up at the last moment (totally unintentionally). My mom had woken up and helped me with the cake and with words “this is NO time for a person to bake a cake” she went downstairs and back to bed. I finished the cake and went to bed also. Luckily I got two of my friends to help me with the arrangements on the day a few hours of the party. One of them took care of the punch and I had given him open hands.

After getting all the food done and after getting properly dressed I could join the guests. We talked, ate and laughed.

I could’ve decorated it somehow but it didn’t occur to me in the hurry. But it tasted good, that’s better than a prettiest cake on earth that doesn’t taste very good?

I'd asked everyone to bring a few DVD’s (oh yes, I'm ancient) with them so we could watch a movie. We watched “The Bounty Hunter” and ate cake. After the movie we did our bravura and sang karaoke.  Hell yeah!!

The whole day repaid all the stress and after all I felt so very relieved and happy I had decided to do this. Because otherwise I would not have known what I would have missed. After so long I felt so beautiful and not forgotten by people and after everyone had left and after I washed my makeup off, I went to bed tired but feeling so good in a long time.

 Looking surprisingly sharp at that hour and as feeling prettier than a long time I wanted to have a proper photo taken from me to remember.

The table. That biggest piece of cake is (obviously) mine...

The punch. At first it didn’t seem like it was dwindling but suddenly as the night went on it felt like “where have all the punch disappeared?”

Elisa made a beautiful braid and I kept it on as long as I could and I felt sad to open such a pretty braid before I went to sleep. Note: I was looking through the old photos and realized that on 2007 at my birthday I was made a similar braid. Pretty cool... But the one Elisa made was actually way better.

February 3, 2012

Red hair AGAIN!

Actually, before even got the three packages of bleach, what was staring me when I opened the closet door was a package of red dye. It has been months since my hair was red. The ammonia red wasn’t really what I really liked to call a red. So having REALLY red hair again after a long time feels amazing to say the least.

Oh me? I’m just dyeing my hair – not slaughtering anyone. :D

I love semi-permanent hair dye because it’s doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide - It also smells a lot yummier making me wonder if it tastes as good as it smells, heh. The fact that I would have my birthday party next day made me be even more precise what came to dyeing my hair. That time in the bathroom is my own time and like baking it kind of relaxes me but this time it wasn’t really that enjoyable for I had to look at the clock. And leaving everything in the last minute I had to bake a cake for tomorrow too. And it was already very late to do neither of these tasks but what can you do?

Job well done, hair dye finally covering every inch of every hair...

I was so ecstatic of having red hair again that I just stared at my hair and after it I found myself holding locks of hair between my fingers, just looking how bright red they were and in front of the mirror looking at my hair.

Success and satisfaction.  If hair is red even it’s washed and still wet, to me it’s always a good sign.

(I hope all people know that when you cut the package in half you can get a huge amount of what ever it’s containing. No matter how well you squeeze the contents out, you can never get all of it. And if you’re financial like me, you will make sure you’ll get every drop of hair dye you’ve paid for.)

February 1, 2012

Project Bleaching PART 2

I ended up doing this bleaching thing in a hurry because my birthday party is coming closer. I’ve been having so, so much stress and the first bleaching took so much more time and money I thought.

This time it was “only” the roots. This has taken much more time I expected but necessary evil if wanting bright red hair...

It was way over a year since my last bleach and I felt kind of relieved to wash it away just because I knew I had done this, for it had been on my list for so very long time and now I could cross it over. I had decided that whatever the final result would be I would not bleach more than two times.

I got my hair from “red” peroxide hell back to point zero ready for red colour again. I have never had blonde roots, but I guess it’s a good thing for the more lighter the base is the more brighter the final colour will be. And I have no choice but to dye it tomorrow if I’m going to make it before the party.
If you want a bright colored hair it needs quite a lot of work and even I know it can sometimes be very frustrating it is more than worth it in the end...
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