December 30, 2012

New blog layout!

There you go!
A new blog layout.

Winter is dark enough and so I decided to get rid of the old, stuffy and too dark layout and bright it up! So now it's white and clear and the text and pictures really come up in a better way, I think. The blood splatter turned into a moth (which I like) and I still kept the blog pretty much black and white with blood red links to brighten it up. I had also thought of changing the background to a brocade background but I just love stripes so they stood. I also made a signature at the end of every blog entry to come.

I had a bit of problems with the new layout so someone might have seen some absurd and weird layouts in between the old one and the new one if they got in my blog at the moment of madness, heh.

Hope you like it, here's a moth for you!

December 24, 2012

It's Christmas!

Oh, It's Christmas Eve!!

Like every Christmas, I like to "split" the Christmas: I go to my dad first and the I go to my mom. Like last year I went to my dad the day before Christmas Eve and stood there over night. I went to sleep quite early and woke up earlier than in a long time. I watched "Santa Claus Hotline" where kids can call and sing and talk with Santa. I laughed so hard.

On every year there's one program in particular which I wait the most, "The Snowman" - we decided to watch it later for it's a tradition to watch it together, but I couldn't help myself and watched it a little bit...

I called my twin brother and friends to wish them merry Christmas and asking how they are doing. We went for a walk with my dad and talked about everything. We had gotten the newest Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" and we were supposed to watch together but for some reason the damn DVD didn't work at all so we resort to a good nature documentary for the rest of the time. I went home by six and we started to prepare food right away and I opened my first present of the day...

For starters I had a bread with "sour cream" and fake fish roe made from sea weed. Ah, so good!

For the main course we had carrot casserole, sweetened potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, mixed beetroot salad, peas, seitan "ham". On this Christmas we introduces ourselves to a Rutabaga casserole again and really go into the mixed beetroot salad, which last year was only just plain beetroot. We were supposed to do Mushroom salad but we just didn't had enough time to do it on Christmas Eve.

Like every Christmas gifts are not important. It's still always nice to get them and this year I got only the ones I really wanted and a little bit more. I opened my presents slowly and waited an hour to open the next one to make them last longer. The few things I got and liked the best were a black tea pot (which I've been looking for for over 4 years), a bottle of red wine with a beautigul necklace (which I held on me all night) and good headphones (for I've been trying to look for them for a long time also). But every gift is equally precious to me.

I always want Christmas to be good! It started out splendid but then I heard some sad and unfortunate news on the very day but didn't want to let it ruin my day which I have been (and always will be) waiting for the whole year. The Christmas went very well but it felt that the hours didn't last as long as they should even I was woken up on early morning. But in conclusion the Christmas went well and I'm already looking forward to next Christmas - and now the New Year's Eve!


December 22, 2012

It Didn't Happen

So. Apocalypse. It didn’t happen.

I was actually scared about it to be honest. I was more scared earlier but as the date came closer I didn’t really realize it and so I didn’t have the time to get as scared as before. Still I wondered what might happen on that day. Everyone were posting funny pictures on Facebook like they didn’t care and I wished I would feel like them. But still I was a bit scared. I actually thought the earth will split and fire balls would come down from the sky - so silly.

I once read the news that the science men had found another Mayan calendar and it will take up to 7000 years from now. And thought it seemed foolish then to think about the world coming to an end then and I even blogged about it, it now felt somehow more difficult to handle.

The end didn’t come and now I don’t have any date to stress about it. I don’t know when the next “end of the world” is supposed to be coming (even they are foretold all the time) but NOW I will sleep my night much more better...

December 21, 2012

The 69 Eyes / 21.12.2012

Today we had a “The 69 Eyes” gig with my friend. We had arranged and got tickets about a month ago and I had waited eagerly to go there.

We had decided to go there just when the doors would open so we don't have to stay in line waiting in the cold air. I put on my makeup and clothes and left (a little bit in a hurry again). We meeted in front of the Pakkahuone and went in, giving our bags and coats in the coat check and headed to the ladies room to powder our noses. Then we went to the bar area and ordered drinks while waiting for the warm-up band which was "Baby Jane". We got to the second row and I was quite pissed off I had forgot my camera at home for we were in such a good place for a great photos. But when I didn't have to take photos I could enjoy the gig 100%. It was nicely loose in the crowd and nobody pushed. We didn't had to wait for long until the warm-up band came and the band was actually really good.

We went to order another drinks and went to second line again. As they took off the Baby Jane posters the 69 Eyes' logo came in sight and it was sure that the next band was sure "The 69 Eyes". There was not a long wait until I already noticed they had came to the stage and started playing. I was on the bar at the moment but hurried next to my friend after noticing they started already playing.

They played songs from their new album "X" and also the good old hits. From the old songs, "Lost Boys", "Perfect Skin" and "Never Say Die" ALWAYS get me. The gig was quite long and oh, so awesome. They left the stage but came back for encore. At the end of the gig we got our coats and went for a cigarette outside and talking about the gig. We didn't have time to wait for the band (and besides, I wouldn't have had my camera anyway) and went straight home. What a great night!!


December 20, 2012

Almost Christmas

Oh my gosh it’s almost behind every door and behind every window! Christmas it is!!

Today we went to see a Christmas performance by a choir group “Mieskuoro Laulajat” which was at Tuomiokirkko. We haven’t gone there before but this time we decided to go. And, oh, how wonderful the performance was! It sure brought up a Christmas spirit even more! I sure hope this will become another great tradition and I hope to go there next year also.

Our Christmas cleaning is in progress but we are planning to get it completely done by Christmas. We have been planning foods and I still have my recipes from last year so I don’t have to worry about that. But I’ve been trying to think something new on the Christmas table and I’ve been trying to make my seitan ham even better. But I still have time.

I’ve been listening a lot of Christmas songs, buying presents, already given presents and trying to lift my Christmas spirit even more. I called my dad and we arranged that like every year I would be coming there a day before Christmas. I can’t wait!

One thing what has been without is a Christmas calendar! As a vegan it is hard to find a Christmas calendar which is vegan. It takes a little effort to find even chocolate without milk. I’ve noticed that not every dark chocolate is automatically vegan. Sure I could have eaten a candy every day but I also discovered this kind of idea for a calendar, which is kind of funny, I think:

 Oh, I’m just kidding!! … or am I?

As it comes closer to Christmas, I’ve been declining every treat that is even a little bit Christmasy (is that a word?) like star-shaped Christmas pastries and gingerbread cookies. I’ve been pawning them just for Christmas so I can then enjoy them like for the first time in a whole year.

I love Christmas trees but since reading they can contain over 10 000 spiders and other bugs I’ve been bouncing whether to take a tree or not – at least not inside the house! But it is always lovely to decorate a tree beautifully and garnish it with a star on top of it. It is left to be seen whether we would buy a Christmas tree or something else instead. Still, I would not be crushed if we don’t have a tree... And besides cats would love it too much, they would climb on it, possibly even knocking it down and destroy it. They just would like it as much as everyone else in their own style!

But! Only days until Christmas and there’s still work to be done. But four days still remaining until Christmas Eve and we are getting there! It has snowed outside, it’s white, it’s beautiful, I feel good, listening to more Christmas songs. Meow!

… guess who else is behind every door and behind every window?

December 15, 2012

Hockey & Movies with Good Company

I've been trying to do more and see more people more often. That has been my goal. Even if some days earlier a doubt has struck me and I'm bouncing whether to go see or do something or not. But usually when I just go and do it it's always (oh) so rewarding.

For example I went to see a hockey match with my dad a week ago. It was Tappara vs. TPS and Tappara won 3-1. We went to one drink before the game and when the game started, we cheered when Tappara scored goals.

I went to see my friend yesterday so we could see before Christmas for he would be out of town then. We talked, watched “Sherlock Holmes” and “Casino Royale” and played “Assasin’s Creed II” and “Skyrim”. The night prolonged in the early morning until he took me home. We had a wonderful day. Later that night I still watched a movie “It's Kind of a Funny Story”. I’ve been medicating myself with movies again…

I’m going to have more of these events and for example I’m going to Helsinki soon and to “The 69 Eyes” gig with my friend next Friday.

December 6, 2012

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

Which means happy Finland's Independence Day.

What has already become a tradition, on every year we go to ”Patriotic Festivities” (Isänmaallinen juhla) at Tampere-talo. It's a day earlier than Finland's Independence Day. I’ve been there on many years. There were choir group ”Mieskuoro Laulajat” and with them were “Eagles Brass Band” (”Kotkien puhallinorkesteri”). My own father and godfather are on the choir.

I started to get myself ready too late and in the end I was in such a hurry. We left in a hurry and I was really anxious in the car. We got there right on time and I got to see my dad before the show and we drank champagne.

”Mieskuoro Laulajat”

Senior choir group ”Seniorikuoro Konkelot”

Then the show was about to start and we went to sit right in front of the stage, in the middle of the row. First there were only the “Eagles Brass Band” and then came ”Mieskuoro Laulajat”. At the end came senior choir group ”Seniorikuoro Konkelot”. The show was exellent. The song ”Finlandia” is always breathtaking and sends chills all the way to the back of my neck. It is so important to me on Finland's Independence Day and I always wait it the most. When it came I just closed my eyes and listened. At the end of the concert we all stand up and sing the Finnish national anthem, “Maamme”.

So, today was the Independence Day. We made food and like every year, we were watching the "Castle Ball” (Finnish: “Linnan juhlat”), the Presidential Independence Day which is held for approximately 2000 invited guests at the Presidential Palace. On this year it was particulary interesting to see the Ball for this was the first time our new president, Sauli Niinistö, would host them and it has been on the news also what he would do there. We ate and commented the gowns the guests were wearing.

Roasted vegetables, seitan steak and pepper sauce.

Like on every year the movie "The Unknown Soldier" (Finnish: "Tuntematon sotilas") is broadcasted on TV. I heard that this time some idiot has complained that it is show on TV at time when kids are watching and because the movie is centred around war it is not suitable for kids. It is a tradition that the movie is shown particulary on Finland's Independence Day and if someone doesn't want their kids to see it take the remote away - It's that simple! Dear concerned parents: don't ruin our traditions! Thank you.

November 21, 2012

It's coming closer!

I need to take a deep breath and calm myself down... But I can't wait for the Christmas to come!!
I went nuts when the first snow came down and everywhere I looked was white. Like always I had to go outside and try to catch the snowflakes with my tongue. I get so exited about first snow. Too bad it melted down and now it's just dirt and more dirt.

I took a false start to Christmas and we made Star-shaped Christmas pastries. I usually save it to Christmas Eve but now I absolutely crawed them. I have also made carrot casserole just to practice it for Christmas. I'm also going to practice making seitan (vegan wheat meat) again in the near future for it has been such a long time since I made it last time and I want to nail it on Christmas. Practicing, practicing, practising.

I truly wait Christmas to come. I've been planning Christmas presents and already bought some of them. We're going to start a massive Christmas cleaning at the beginning of December and decorating the house ahead of time. We have also planned on going to Helsinki with my mom near Christmas to visit my brother and spend time with him. We are also gathering up a big Christmas present for him... I can't wait!

November 18, 2012

Sorry for the Silence

I want to appologize the silence which has been taking over my blog for the last few months. I have been having a very tough time lately and writing my blog hasn't really been my first priority. My dear cat passed away which was a very though break for me, and then there has been other things also.

In time, I have tried to learn to live with all of these things and learning to accept them. In the mean time I have tried to do something positive and do something I feel good to blog about. I don't feel like blogging when I'm feeling down and no one really likes to read blog entries like that, right?

So now I'm concentrating on the good sides of life and day by day I'm getting there and I'm trying to keep you up with blogging about them.

September 7, 2012

Rest In Peace Siru

Last Wednesday my dear cat Siru was passed away. Because of her health problems she was euthanized.
Siru was the queen of this house. She was the first cat and she seemed to know this. Siru was VERY dear to me for she is my first cat I’ve every had and she had her own quirks. Siru was so special to me.

Siru had been worse and worse by the time going by. She stopped using the litter box and she was a lot by herself. She slept a lot and didn’t play with toys anymore. On the last day she just slept in the sauna and didn’t come out at all. When after the day I was coming to see Siru she was laconic and sad. This continued on for the rest of the day. And she didn’t eat anymore. At the end of the night we decided to take Siru to the on-call vet.

At the vet the vet inspected Siru and he said that her gums were yellowish and there was something hard on her belly. This could pointed to tumor of some kind. Plus all we had told about Siru and how she did not eat anymore or anything and she was so painfully thin. The options were more examinations or euthanasia - and both the nurse and the doctor were suggesting euthanasia at this point. It was one of the most hardest decitions to made but it was necessary. Siru was so tired and done so it was painful to watch it anymore. I first was on the side of doing more examinations but at the end even I leaned towards euthanasia and it was so hard.

I got the chance to say goodbye to Siru before the vet came with the needle. They told me that she was going to be put to sleep first before the final injection. I felt so bad after I had seen it and I wished I could just make it all go away or reverse everything - but I couldn’t. I said my last goodbyes to Siru and we left the room. We had to go to the car to calm down a bit before we went back inside to choose the urn for we had decided to cremate Siru. After that we headed home with a carrying box that was now empty. The rest of the night went in tears as we were thinking back the whole day and what had happened and the longing of our beloved cat.

The next days went by crying over our dear Siru. I couldn’t believe that she was gone. But it helped me to think that she was now above the clouds watching down at us and she didn’t had to suffer anymore. It has been hard to let go to someone you love so dearly but the good memories will come up every time I think of Siru. I believe that in time the pain will go away and only the good memories will last. I will always remember Siru and she will always have a special place in my heart. 
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