May 21, 2012

Goth Day

World Goth Day is on 22nd May of every year. I put this a day earlier so there’s still time to prepare...

What is Goth Day?
The Goth Day website states that the event is:
"a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate it’s own being, and an opportunity to make it’s presence known to the rest of the world."

And that's exactly what it is. There is no better way to put it. :D

How it started?
World Goth Day is the invention of a small contingent of UK Goth DJs. One May weekend, the BBC broadcasted a radio programme celebrating different genres of music, Goth being one of them. The Goth segment of the programme took place on May 22nd, and these DJs decided that the celebration of Gothness should become an annual event.

What happens on Goth Day?
The website details special World Goth Day events taking place all around the world. You can keep an eye out for events in your area (or if you're a promoter, set up your own). You can get together with your goth friends, go to city all dressed up, go to your local Goth club or bar or if there's no particularly gothic bar near, why not go to "regular" bar?

If you're alone you can go there by yourself (although I personally like to go to a bar with friend). Like all holidays you can also celebrate this on your own. Staying at home is never a bad option! Watch a gothic movie, make a playlist and play music and CDs loud, and for the holiday do a nice make-up even if you're not a goth (try something new, look up pictures from internet, etc.), dress up and if you're wearing corset lace it tight, strike a pose and take pictures and share!!
There are many options (there are more suggestions on the Goth Day website) - what you do that's up to you.

To celebrate Goth Day this year, I have planned that I would head out to a bar with my friend. If I find myself alone I might go a bar for one or two or just have a movie night, baking vegan goodies and listen to good music.

Goth Day Smiley

Spread the word of Goth Day! From the website, you can download all kinds of goodies (such as banners, printable posters, etc.) to spread the word.

** You can find more information from the official World Goth Day Website. ( **

P.S. All profits from Goth Day merch go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (

May 20, 2012

Tea, Movies and Motocrossing a.k.a Salo

Picture heavy post ahead!

I had absolutely lovely trip to Salo with my friend Jake. He had asked me to accompany him earlier on last week and I said it sounded like a very good idea. We got going and stopped about at the middle of the way to eat. There were a whole wall of tea blends and spices at the resting place and I chose teas and paprika powder and we continued on. After an hour later were arrived to Salo.

Jake saw his sisters. The clock was quite late and we had plans for the next day already. We tried to watch a movie but I was too tired so we went to sleep so we would have energy for the next day.

On the next day after breakfast we headed to a movie secondhand shop Jake had advertised to me and I had looked forward to it. I was like a kid in a candy shop when I was looking through shelf after shelf of movies. I usually don’t buy used DVDs but these were in such an excellent condition it surprised me. I left the shop ten movies richer.

One of the main things of this trip was to go change tires to Jake's car and do fun stuff between it. After we got back from the secondhand shop we changed tires to Jakes car, before we would go to town again – I changed one and a half tires myself and I got to get myself dirty while getting into it and it was fun. We had talked about if we would go a ride with Jake’s motocross bike but when the time came I was a little bit nervous but then I grabbed a helmet and there we went. Jake drove as fast as the bike went and I was excited for the speed was so thrilling. Jake had told to hold on whatever will happen – and I did. My hair smelled like gasoline afterwards. I liked it.

We drove back to town and Jake showed me the near parks. Then we saw Jakes niece and went to eat Chinese food. After that we went to get ice cream and ate it at the park sitting on the bench and I took more photos like a damn tourist from abroad and I was only 2 hour drive hour away where I live.

May 18, 2012


Oh well... this was so coming. I came across this news about the science men finding the new Maya calendar. And it will take up to 7000 years from now. World just simply won’t allow its end in 2012 – it would be way too early
and bad for the business. But I now feel foolish thinking the world might end at the end of 2012 (yeah I was kind of one of those people). And now the end of the world in 2012 seems to be so yesterday.

I can only imagine the feeling upon those people who really think/thought the world is coming to its end on 2012. Poor suckers. This was so expected. The whole world and money and everything is spinning around of these kind of things that if there would really be the end of the world there would be a whole lot of money making upon this number. And even there has been and still is a lot of that it could be more.

And not to mention movie industry! But this time it will not be "2012" but "9012". It will take some time but the cash will rush in eventually... About 7000 years from now.

The end of the world has been foretold numerous times and will be foretold numerous times more. All we know is that yes, eventually the world will end but not that is it tomorrow or 1 billion years from this moment. I will sleep my nights well on this subject.

May 13, 2012

Girls Night Out & Mother's Day

On Friday it was a girls night out with my dear friend. It had been a long time since the last time I was out with her - last time was on New Years Eve. I was waiting it for the whole week after we had planned for it. We talked about everything, catching up what had been going on. We were at one place at first and then changed to our “regular” place later. The rest of the night went smoothly with tequila shots, long drink and dry apple cider. When we were walking to the taxi stand we were stopped by a couple of men and they asked us for one. The other man told me that if I was a straight I would be the woman of his life.

On Sunday it was Mother's Day. My mother is one of the most important persons to me in the whole world and I hope she could only know how much she means to me. At first I was kind of disappointed that I hadn't planned anything fancy for her to let her know that day was different from the others. She was unpacking a pile of moving boxes and said it was like therapy for her to see how they would empty one after another and that she didn't need anything fancy and it was enough for her to spend time with me. I had got her white roses she wanted and made her a card which seemed to be a very sweet thing to her.

We made vegetable and tofu "ricotta" lasagna and drank red wine. I had in mind to make peach tarte tatin but even you have found flour and you got peaches you can't make a cake without bowls and everything else.

These last days have been fine comparing to the previous days. I can have enjoyed these days more freely without feeling of not being there or something like that. Even after I had stressed over them way too much...
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