May 1, 2015

May Day!

Happy May Day everyone!

Like last year, we decided to avoid the crowd of the May Day market at downtown and stayed at home more than willingly.

I have always loved to eat and my love towards making food burst out in a bright flame since I quit eating meat. I love that every kind of festivities are great opportunities to use the whole day making food and gives me a chance to try new recipes! 

I always try to hold on the traditional aspect about what I will make and eat, which means that I won’t eat something completely different than what is usually related to each festivity, but instead I try to create something new around the traditional foods. 

Although making most of the foods from scratch, using a lot of time to do so, we still had time to make vegan doughnuts which we rolled in sugar.

I have been eating the whole day, but isn’t that what these days are for? I hope you had a great and plentiful May Day in every way!

p.s. The quality of the photos are not like they used to be because my camera decided to break up its co-operation with me after all these years. I should’ve seen this coming... 

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