August 17, 2014

A Weight off My Shoulders...

Since last April I have been very worried about my health after I had to see two different doctors in one week and gone to a CT scan after that.

The second doctor had said that I would be getting an invitation for further examinations and to see yet another doctor about a few months after the CT scan. About two weeks ago I got a letter from the central hospital and I was so nervous to open it, for I knew it was an invitation because the letter was thicker than a regular medical bill. After opening it and reading it, it started yet another wait even I had been waiting for the letter so I can get this thing “over with” already – I was so sick of waiting and being nervous over this!

So, in the morning a few days ago, I went to the central hospital and had tests done – obviously I was nervous... After the tests I had an appointment with yet another doctor. I had a big question mark above my head at times when the doctor was explaining the results to me. I could found out the main things I needed and wanted to know and the rest was pure Hebrew to me. The main things above all else were that my CT scans were normal and that there’s nothing to worry about.

After I left from the hospital, the happiness had swept my anxiety away completely. What a great feeling!

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