December 22, 2014

Finding the Christmas Spirit

I must say that my Christmas spirit has been quite missing lately, even we go towards Christmas... Some of the reasons I know, but some of the reasons still stay unknown to me.

Even Christmas has become very advertised holiday, I still kind of enjoy the endless Christmas commercials coming from the television – not because I’m a perfect target to buy everything for I do not think Christmas is all about presents, but it creates some sort of atmosphere. I’ve heard my share of Christmas songs in the shops and markets, but I haven’t really listened many of them myself... Maybe that’s one “symptom” of the missing Christmas spirit I’ve had lately.

But! I found it. I finally found it! The lost Christmas spirit I had been looking for!

We went to a Christmas Market which is held every year at downtown. It lasted 18 days this year and the time went by so fast that we went there on the last day, which was today – but the market was still far from empty! We strolled through the whole market and then we left to a near church to listen to a men’s choir singing Christmas carols.

The men’s choir was the same which I went to listen at Tampere-talo at the beginning of December but it is always so good that it is worth listening. I knew that if anything, it would lift my Christmas spirit – and I was right... After the concert I felt so, so good and my feelings felt so uplifted. It was just what I needed!

There is one other thing which would definitely lift my Christmas spirit if everything goes well and tomorrow I will know will it happen or not...

But for now I wish you all very peaceful Christmas waiting!

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