December 27, 2011

Hair, hair, hair...

Have I been looking for trouble since child because I always wanted to have red hair one day, I wanted to be a witch and always wanted to live in 19th century... Trouble? Being a woman in 19th century alone, not to mentioning having red hair which made the thing even worse and I don't even have to be a real witch for people would think me as one for having the red hair. And after learning the bizarre reasons for which innocent and perfectly sane women were locked away in insane asylums in that century I would be screwed to begin with – if not to be burned at the stake, then being locked away in an insane asylum for the rest of my life. If I would wanted red hair voluntarily in that century I guess I would be locked away for that reason alone... BUT! A Dutch physician Johann Weyer (1515–1588) claimed that women accused of practicing witchcraft were likely to be mentally ill and to be examined and treated as such. So insane asylum it is?

With the hair I knew I need to wait at least ten years for no parent would give a permission even to a 7-year-old girl to have bright red hair. Pitch black was the second option, but that wasn't so simple either. I've always had long hair which I think looked like golden and pretty hair for a child but when I got older the color of it looked like a bucket of sand to me. So I tried to do something and had two blond highlights on the front and paid that was so fucking overprized it now make me sick to think of it... So as a minor every decision was in the hands of my parents and I was not allowed to dye it so “radically”. So I got to dye it dark brown at first and ninja my way to the black. Then when they had got used me not to be that light haired little girl anymore I decided to dye it red... but from pitch black to bright red!? HA!!!

I was an idiot and went too often to hair salon what came to dyeing my hair
(stupid girl!)  and paid the outrageously overprized amount of money for it. And to my experiences what ever you say to the hair dresser it's still something else than what you asked - even a dog can get it right (if I'd ask a hair dresser and a dog to fetch me a stick the dog would bring me a stick but the hair dresser would bring me anything else but stick - a rock maybe?). Anyways, after getting down from the ecstatic cloud of my new red hair (very dark, dark red) I decided to take it in my own hands and bleach the fuck out of my hair myself. After two bleaches and three packages of bleach my hair was orange but it was evenly orange and so it was brighter it had been since it was black - not every color from dark brown to blond roots. Still, I wasn't going for blond but something bright enough to dye it bright red, so bright orange hair was more than fine base to put on the red dye.

When my hair was finally as red as I had always hoped it would be I just stared it for so long and looked it from the mirror and I was so out of this world because of the joy of having my childhood fantasy of having this red hair finally come true!

My haircolors over the years...

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