December 29, 2011

Project Bleaching PART 1

I have been having two packages of bleach in my closet for about two months or so. And it has been on my "to do -list" even before that. The last time I even dyed my roots has been at least four months and the roots were grown 3/4 of my fringe with my natural color. So it was the damn time!

The bleaching took more time I thought it would. After half an hour I was only half way through my hair. So about after an hour I was done. After waiting about half an hour to let the bleach to do its work I washed it off. 

My hair never, EVER bleaches evenly - and it now has every tone from blond to dark reddish brown.

Like the last time, I had already used two boxes of bleach and I still need at least one more. Tomorrow I'm going to meet my friend but in case this would happen and in order to go outside I'm going to put my hair as tiny bun as I possibly can and buy a box of bleach as I'm around.

While staring to the first ends I bleached first and which actually lightened to a blonde I was wondering what it would be like to be all blond... even I know that will never(?) happen. I don’t think my hair is made for that.

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