July 30, 2012

Busy Days & Sleepless Nights a.k.a Helsinki

On Friday we packed our things and lastly the cats. Then we started to drive towards Helsinki. Two hours later we arrived there. We checked in the hotel and got cats and everything in the room before we went to see my brother and brought him some things with us. We arrived there much later than we first thought – It is hard to anticipate how much time will go to drive or doing things in a different city. 

On Saturday we went to get some breakfast and slept late. Then we went shopping and I bought a new corset and two skirts.

We went to see my grandparents. Then my mom went so see my brother while I went to shower and napping before we went to eat.

Vegetable burrito

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Then we went back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the night. At the hotel I was reminded that I have insomnia for I couldn't sleep at nights. I didn't realize this early enough to take something for it with me so I was just turning in my bed all night. Even due the sleepless nights, I somehow managed through the days...

A new morning rising... 

On Sunday we just snoozed off the alarm for breakfast and slept late. Then we packed our things and get them into the car. Cats came lastly and that was a tricky task to do but we managed to get them all into their carrying boxes. 

A task trying to pack a bag when a cat is sleeping on it. 

Then we went to my brothers and got the rest of the things inside and lastly the cough which was the trickiest job to do for a small elevator plus a big cough equals a lot of work. But with some time and effort everything is achieveable.

With cats in the car we got some time to spend there and once the cough was in one piece, we got to sit on it and play Assasins Greed 2, while mom was arranging the apartment. Too bad we didn't have enough time to spend there or in Helsinki overall (though we had all sort of plans to do) because we had to go driving back to Tampere because of the cats and the clock was ticking on and it would take another two hours to drive back to Tampere. On nine p.m. we arrived back to Tampere. It is always delightful to be in Helsinki but it is always good to be back home. I'm already waiting for the next time...

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