February 18, 2013

Books and Madness

My books finally came!
I had ordered “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation” and Susanna Kaysen’s “Girl, Interrupted”. First off the new book about Alice’s adventures in Wonderland:

The pages open up as they are turned and they are magnificent. It is an adventure to turn another page and look what it will hold for you.

I have always been interested in the story of Alice and it’s so peculiar and one of it’s kind. The memorable characters and their own quirks - Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Cheshire Cat.

Here’s some pictures from the book itself:

 Then comes “Girl, Interrupted” written by Susanna Kaysen. The book is based on true events and Susanna Kaysen spend almost two years in a mental ward and wrote a book about it. It contains real documents written during her stay in the mental hospital and also a deep text about life inside of a mental hospital, its patients and everything related to it. It was very interesting. From the very start of the book I read over 40 pages at once I started to read it - it was that catching. Although it’s a hard subject there’s spots where you can really laugh too. I was feeling very sad as I read on the book because it’s only 168 pages long and page by page I’m going towards the end.

I was so surprised about how much the book differed from the movie (which is one of my favourite movies) but that doesn’t mean that neither one of them was bad in any way. The book is interesting but the movie is needed to be made by the Hollywood style so of course it’s different. Although I love Lisa in the movie (played by Angelina Jolie), after reading the book I started to feel that there could have been much more to that character. Or maybe she would have stolen the whole show then, hah.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will go under the sheets and read on...

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