February 24, 2013

Class Meeting / Birthday Party / Housewarming Party

Yesterday I had my birthday party. Actually, it was s group birthday party because many of my friends has also turned 21-years-old lately. And also it was kind of my housewarming party for I have never invited anyone here since we have moved and this was the first time people gathered around in the same place under this roof. And it was also a class meeting between us old classmates and one of my dearest friend who is accepted to the group even he has not been on the same class. So a lot at once. But a lot of fun too!

Everyone brought something, candy, chips or something to drink. My favourite was green apple liqueur one of my friend brought with him. He also brought 80 vol booze which tasted what hand sanitizer smell like and it evaporated in the mouth. I didn’t drink that than just a little tiny bit. It was brought from Estonia.

The first guest came right before 5 o’clock when I was in the middle of doing my makeup in my super sexy loose home pants. I put on my mascara and changed clothes while my mom was talking to my friend. Then the people started to come but first they had to find where I lived for it doesn’t show on GPS and Google Maps says here’s nothing but a field with a few steel beams. Last of my friends came at 7 ‘clock and I was just in the middle of doing the pizza dough but we managed to hug anyway. I made pizza for food, meat pizza for everyone else and a vegetable pizza for myself. I had also made raspberry punch for drink which got a lot of praises.

We came along very, very well even we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. We talked all day and evening, the TV was on the background but no one needed to watch it anyway. Two of my friends left at the evening to their own birthday party and we were left talking the night away. The whole day stretched until midnight when I was snoozing on my dear friend’s chest half asleep. Then after midnight the rest of the guests left together to the main road and to the nearest bus stop to get home. I had a great night with all of my dear friends! I can’t wait for next time. Maybe a summer picnic..?

The cats had absolutely loved when there are more petting hands around. Okay, the other one was more shy but the other one meowed and brought toy mouses and begged for attention on everyone’s laps.

After everyone had left I washed away my makeup and get to bed right after everyone had left and got a good night sleep.

I didn’t expect any gifts but one of my dearest friends got me one. I was so surprised when she handed it to me. And when I opened I was absolutely amazed. She had got me a makeup brush set with 34 different makeup brushes because she knew I apply my eye shadow by my fingers – like I did yesterday. But I don’t have to do so no more! I didn’t dare take off the plastic wrappings yet but soon enough. I asked makeup tips from my friend and how to wash my brushes the right way for I cherish these brushes! I can’t wait to use them the first time! Today has been a lazy day with no makeup on.

I end this with a quote by Madame Lily Bollinger:

"I only drink champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not in a hurry and drink it when I am, otherwise I never touch the stuff unless I am thirsty."
- Lily Bollinger

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