May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today was Mother’s Day! Every day should be a Mother’s Day but this one day we all can remember our mothers the most and let them feel they are important. But every day should be that way. My mother is one of the most important persons to me in this whole crazy world and I like to show it to her often.

I had already bought her a present before this day and had got her a card which I gave to her. I woke up in the early morning to say happy Mother’s Day to her before neither of we would even getting up of bed.

Later that day we went eating outside not needing for my mom to be in the kitchen the whole evening. We put our make-up and fine clothes on and left at ahead of time.

I ordered two burritos (there were two burritos in one platter, but they weren’t that big after all even though they look like it) with spicy bean and pepper stew filling served with fresh salad and tomato-based salsa Méxicana.

After we had finished we strolled back to the car and headed back home where we popped up a bottle of pink sparkling wine and fresh strawberries. Later that evening we sat on the cough watched a movie “The Proposal”.

The movie was very funny and even we had seen it many times before it’s always something we can watch again. Overall I had a very good day and saw that my mother had a nice day too which was the whole point. Mother’s Day or no Mother’s Day I will continue showing her that she means a lot to me and how important she is to me.

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