May 1, 2013

May Day!

May Day is known as Vappu in Finnish. We was supposed to go to downtown to a May Day market and to see the carnival-style street festivities in the centre but in the end we decided to spend a nice day at home. I know that on May Day, Koskenranta (a park near Tammerkoski river) is absolutely crowded with teens drinking and puking. People young and old - particularly students - party outside, goes to a picnic and wear caps or other decorative clothing in the city centre. I tried to gather up some friends but it didn't really happen. I was supposed to see my father also but he texted me that they had got other plans for the evening that day and asked to see me on the weekend. That was fine - but my plans got really thought over again.

But the day was quite nice; I slept late and we made food and drank sparkling wine and "sima" (a special lemonade from lemons, brown sugar, and yeast, which contains very little alcohol). We also made doughnuts which we fried in oil and rolled them up in sugar after that. In the evening I made potato salad and soy wieners which I fried on the pan - so the most basic and traditional May Day food ever! Cats were loving the paper confetti streamers the most. They didn't really understand over balloons though.


Although we did went to downtown the May Day went very well. I can’t wait until next year!

Oh, and earlier this week I went to get a movie ticket to "Iron Man 3" in 3D and I also had a sudden urge to buy popcorn from a movie theater. I have been so excited about the movie!

Oh, and one more thing. May I present to you a glass table and a huge cat butt:

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