July 16, 2013

Enjoying the Summer

This summer has been the best so far that I've lived in our new home. I have enjoyed it on the fullest and care free.

On Sunday we went to the city and got ourselves hot sandwiches. My mom ordered chicken-goat cheese sandwich and I ordered Tofu-Tapenade (Tofu-Olive-Tomato) sandwich. We ordered a salad with them. We got home with the sandwiches and went to the balcony to eat them.

 We drank cool white wine with the sandwiches.

The cats were also coming to see what’s going on. 

Later on that day we made sangria and put fresh orange and lemon in it.

(makes 1,75 liters)

5 dl (2 cups) red wine
5 dl (2 cups) lemon soda
half an orange
half a lemon
0,75 dl (1/3 cup) vodka

1. Mix the red wine and the lemon soda together.
2. Mix in the vodka.
3. Slice the orange and the lemon (peel them if you like) and mix into the sangria.
4. Stir well and let it cool in the fridge for at least one hour so the fruits can let their taste to the drink.

On Monday I made mushroom pasta for dinner.

And on the next day I made Fresh Tomato And Mozzarella Salad with fresh basil.

During this summer so far I have made great foods and drank great drinks and had fun. I hope that the rest of the summer will be as good as the beginning. I don’t want the summer to be over but the nights are getting shorter and darker and I just want the sunny days last forever...

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