August 22, 2013

Good Morning Estonia!

On the last Tuesday earlier on this week we took off and left to Estonia, Tallinn to spend some time and to see Robbie Williams live. We had packed the day earlier and we went to sleep for we needed to wake up 6 a.m. in the Tuesday morning to catch the bus to Helsinki. I went to sleep too late and was dead tired on the following morning. Eventually we missed the bus so we had to take a train to Helsinki where I tried to snooze. We took a taxi from the train station and arrived to the terminal about ten o’clock. We waited for the rest of the work group from my mom’s work place so we could get our ticket. Then we went aboard.

We went in and took our luggage to a closet. The trip went a little bit restless but we made it to the Estonia okay. We went to our hotel and checked in (the line was huge). We were at the 14th floor and our room was at the end of the corridor. When we stepped inside we were so surprised; the “room” was a business suite with an ocean view.

There was a sparkling wine on ice, a box of chocolate and a mystery envelope waiting us on the table.

The mystery envelope contained two tickets to the Robbie Williams live concert (and also two tickets to the night buffet later and two tickets for free drinks downstairs whenever on that day or the next).

We had a ocean view from our room to the sea:

We left our luggage to the hotel room and left downstairs and to the Viru center where we looked up the stores quickly and saw this exciting sign:

Then we started to walk around the streets trying to decide where to go to eat before the concert. We found a random restaurant nearby and decided to go and see did they have anything for us. We sat down and the waiter brought the menus. I ordered a mushroom risotto without the ham.

The food was a little disappointment for there were hardly any mushrooms and it was way too salty – but it was good enough to eat, for we had to eat before the show. We went back to our hotel room and my mom left to take care of business while I tried to take back the tiredness which had haunted me all day. Later when my mom got back she told that there will be going a bus to the Song Festival Grounds at 7 p.m. where the show would be so I snoozed a little before I started to get myself ready. I decided the clothes and put on my make-up. I was a little disappointed to hear that photographing on Robbie’s gig was forbidden.

We made it to the bus and went to the Song Festival Grounds and soon we heard Olly Murs started to play so we went to take our place. We got at the back of the biggest crowd down below the hill and left to listen. Olly Murs was great warm-up for Robbie. We heard the good familiar songs from him “Dear Darlin’”, “Troublemaker” and “Heart Skips a Beat” among the others. Then there was about a half an hour wait and we sat on the grass to wait the main star. I didn’t mind the mass of people but I was a little annoyed about the commercials that were playing on the screens – I had heard earlier from the news that Estonia had bought a commercial space from Robbie Williams’ concert which I think is wrong, we see enough commercials on the TV. I was disappointed that cameras were not allowed to the show so I left both of mine to the hotel (although I first though of sneaking one in).ban of foods and drinks didn’t care me at all.

Finally Robbie Williams came on stage on 9 p.m. And he came from above of the stage with a thick cloud of pink smoke with a song “Hey Wow Yeah Yeah”. And when he reached the stage he started to sign “Let Me Entertain You”. I was SO excited! I had wondered the face on the back of the stage but it came obvious during “Me and My Monkey” that it was meant to be a very big part of the show. They projected Robbie’s face on it and then it transformed into a monkey’s. The face was up a lot after that with a lot of different elements and shapes and colors. It was really cool. Like every woman on this earth, everyone would be jealous for Robbie took one of his fans from the audience to the stage, complimenting her boobs and let her sat on his lap. I really liked the version of “Kids” he sang with Olly Murs but what he had originally sang with Kylie Minogue – One of my favorite songs. Even the cameras were forbidden I tried to take pictures with my mother’s cellphone camera.

He sang his songs from "Strong", "Millennium" and "Rock DJ" and left from stage. Everyone knew that he would be back for an encore and stood still – no one left. Soon he came back and sang still "Feel" (which my mother had waited for), "She's the One" and ended the concert with a song "Angels" which was so perfect.

Robbie William’s threw an awesome show indeed. The whole show finished off with fireworks. I was so glad I was watching it with my mom – she had won a ticket at the first place and didn’t had to take me with her but she said that she insisted that I would come with her to see the show and enjoy the experience. I’m glad I did.

After the show the bus took us back to the hotel. It occurred to us that we had the tickets to the night buffet so we went there. I was so glad there was also something for me (cheesy pasta, grilled paprika with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and basil, cucumber-olive salad, exotic salad with lemon vinaigrette and a small bun with poppy seeds on it). I ordered a cold dry apple cider with the food and we went to our hotel room to eat. The food came just to the right spot.

We had waited just now to pop the sparkling wine and we drank a glass of it. I was dead tired so after eating I just fell onto the bed even I was going to take a shower before it. I woke up at night and went to the shower and took a few photos of the Estonian night before I wrapped myself inside the white hotel linens.

I woke up a couple of times during the night but fell back to sleep again. We woke up at 10 a.m. and went to breakfast. I was also pleased that from there I could find a plateful to eat with a cup of black coffee and juice.

After breakfast we went back into our room and back to bed. I couldn’t went back to sleep but I enjoyed the rest we had granted till 2 p.m. (thanks to my mom who called to the reception and asked for it). I packed everything well ahead and went to chill into the bed before I changed my clothes. We left the room just before 2 p.m. and went downstairs. We still had the drink coupons so we took our luggage to the storage and went to have a drink outside – a big cup of frozen strawberry margaritas in the sunshine.

After our drinks we went to the Viru Center to look around the shops.

I was pulled in one of the shoe shops and caught my eye to a ballerina’s with black spikes on them. I asked for a smaller size and tried them on and they fit me like a glove. I immediately bought them and I was so happy. Here’s my new babies:

After that we went to a bag shops and another shoe shops and then to a grocery store to see what’s different there than in a Finnish grocery stores. To me it was much more clear and nicer than the grocery stores I have seen in Finland. There I could actually shop!

After that we got our things onto the bus which was going inside the ship we were going to get it in just two hours before the actual ship left. We went to the near shops and we went in to see was there anything but they were just full of the same bunch of stuff with high prices. I went to buy apple liqueur I had last tasted in my “Class Meeting / Birthday Party / Housewarming Party” and it was ridiculously cheap (not every alcohol were although). My mom decided to buy them for me as a souvenir and I was surprised. After that we didn’t get to go to the city center again and there was nothing left to shop in the near shops so we decided to go to the terminal. Before that I saw a big anchor in front of the terminal and decided to ask my mom to take a picture.

We went to the terminal and to the ship. This time we had a cabin where we took our staff and rested for a while. Soon we felt that the ship was moving and we were on our way. We left to the Tax Free but were disappointed for the prices. While we were walking down the corridors I looked outside and saw the sea.

Soon the trip has almost gone by so we decided to get something to eat for the bus trip back home. There were only meaty foods like hot dogs on the floor 7 so they suggested to go a floor above to get something vegetarian. We went to the Deli above floor and I ordered a basic baguette with vegetables and cheese. 

We went back in our cabin to get our staff before the ship would come to the harbor back to Helsinki.

We got everything and left from the ship and went to the busses. Some of our luggage had already transferred to the other bus and we took the rest to it. Then we went to sit to in the front of the bus. The bus left at 9 p.m. and I tried to snooze during the journey which felt like going by very fast even I didn’t get any sleep. We were at Tampere after 11 p.m. and everyone who were getting out of that stop got their things out of the bus. We were home almost 12 p.m. First I changed my clothes and unpacked my bag. Then I went to a shower and to a computer and then to sleep. I had an amazing trip to Estonia and I would do it again anytime!

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