September 2, 2013

Seeing The World Through A Lens PART 1

I’m starting new posts with the results of my photographing. I will be posting new photos I’ve just captured as well as old ones from my secret archives. I love to photograph, I’ve always loved to. It has always been my way to capture memories and to escape from the outside world (which is ironic because when I’m photographing I’m concentrating on the world around me even more than usual trying to find the little beautiful things to take a picture of).

It has been a while since I just crabbed a camera and went outside just to take photos. Today I had the time and the opportunity to do so and I went out to the nature which has started to show signs of Fall – the beginning and the middle of Fall is the most beautiful time and I’m going to enjoy it as much as I did on Summer for those pretty leaves won’t hang on trees too long.

I’m not a professional photographer, remember that – I just love doing it. Enjoy!

I would like to add one photo I personally like which I took couple of days ago in the city – I like jackdaws as much I do ravens.
So there you go – I’m excited to share my photographs with you! Do tell me what you think of them. All of this post's photos are being taken with my other, least good one camera which travels with me everywhere so blame the possibly bad quality on that.

All of these photos can be found in a bigger size from my DeviantArt account – my account is rebeccabrandt (that's an actual link, not a fucking ad). There’s also more photos which I have not posted on my blog.

More photos coming!

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