February 18, 2014

Flea Market Findings & Other Findings

I’ve got lost in, oh, so wonderful world of Flea Markets again... Last week I found a mini top hat from a strange flea market I had never gone before and now I found myself digging in to my local one. Here’s what I found:

This stamp collection called “Miss Empire” with stamps of Victorian ladies, a clock and a key – just what I like. From the same table I found handmade cards, which one in particular, caught my eye:

I love how the maker of the cards had taken all of the details in considering, for example, when I opened the card from its plastic wrap, I saw this little piggy with striped background on the back of the card: 

The whole card looked like this:

I don’t think I’m sending this card to anyone but myself...

And still, from the same table I found this decoration heart with a pretty Victorian lady and a tiny gear (yay, steampunk-ish!) – I hung it to the other end of my bed, but I will have to protect it from the cats for Lara already tried to take a bite of it already! Silly cat...

And then I found this necklace from the other table for only 1 euro, and from the very first time I tried it on I fell in for it and have been using it almost every day: 

I have made findings outside from flea markets also - gladly! I went to an interior decoration shop which was closing up their business and selling everything with 10-70 % discount and found blackish wine glasses which I guarded until the shop assistant came and took them so she could wrap them in paper. I also found this card which I should have found for myself three weeks ago when it was my birthday: 

We went shopping to the near shopping center after my dentist and I found these jewelries from a damn 50 % discount! 

A pair of earrings and this beautiful bracelet:

Even all this didn’t become that expensive after all for they were either from a flea market or discount, but for the further notice and in conclusion: do not let me get into flea markets of any kind nor shops with discounted items. I’m so under the influence!


  1. That card has some amazing details! Love all the things you found at the flea market <3 Glad I found your blog!

    1. I know! That card is so full of everything but in a good way. That's why I had to buy it. I'm glad to hear you like my blog. :)


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