March 31, 2014

Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo (or two) has been on my mind for so, so long!!

My first tattoo of choice has been this kind of thing; the “holes” in the violin on my lower back. I just haven’t got enough courage to get them yet...

(violin image is from here)

There have been some ideas in my head which I have turned down afterwards. Like getting a portrait of my dear cat Siru who passed away, because once we were at a café with my friend she asked the most important question, which hadn’t even came into my head before: if you can’t see a picture of Siru, how can you look at it on your skin every day? It’s not that I can not look at pictures of Siru – today it feels just good to see old photos of her, but earlier it was harder. But still, that question was left inside my head and maybe I’m not strong enough to look at Siru on my skin every day. At least not yet – maybe the right time will come eventually...

But! At least I have always knew, since Siru passed away, that I must do something for her memory and that’s a cat’s paw print on the left side of my chest, on top of my heart with the name Siru written inside of under it, I have not decided yet... That I will definitely get one day! And when the time comes when I have to say goodbye to my other cats, I will continue the trail of paw prints down my chest, with their names on it – at least that’s what is on my mind...

I came across this
when I was surfing through the internet and it came just for a right place! I have had these scars on my rib for quite some time and I have tried to figure out million ways to cover them. Until I found this and realized that I can cover them with a right sized tattoo. I have planned something like a vector patterns but not the traditional thick, black tribal patterns, (for I find it quite cliché) which can be seen on the arms of the teens, and also along with the vector patterns comes black and white roses to cover the biggest scars. Something like this, but smaller... no, more like compact and upside down:

Like this (but with vector patterns):

And look how well these scars have been covered with tattoos: 

Just by looking at these photos, gives me so much confidence! With a right tattoo artist and with a right tattoo design, I can get my ugly scars hidden also! I can not wait for that day!

I’m serious about getting a tattoo! I’m now saving money for that and looking for a good tattoo artist at the time and most importantly; getting enough courage to do it... But I will.

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