April 8, 2014

Dreams About My Own Future Home...

I’m dreaming about my own home. I have planned to move out when I’m 23-years-old but then again, people have asked why hurry? I’m sometimes a bit confused for at first I was hurried to move out on my own but all of a sudden I was asked why I’m in a hurry. I guess I’m not but I will see what happens after a year, after all it’s quite a long time but so short in its own way...

I have bought my own stuff already which I know will have a place in my own home one day. And I have been looking a lot of photos of different houses and rooms and gathered ideas from them.

I love black and white and stripes and I would like black and white home, the white part balancing the black elements – especially in the living room:

I definitely want a lot of paintings and mirrors on the walls with detailed frames:

I also love imposing lamps and chandeliers:

I actually have that first one on the left top corner but I need to get tassels to garnish it with.

I would like a bigger bed than I do now and with elaborate headboard. I have always fantasized about a bed like this:

But this kind of bed will do for my first home: 

I would love a bed like this also: 

And with black and white striped bed sheets (of course!): 

And a bedside table, which I have always wanted: 

And a dressing table would be lovely: 

And an actual dressing room: 

Black bathroom would be more than nice:

And since I do want to be a writer one day, I would like to have a work room with a writing desk:

I would love to get my antique stuff scattered around my home as well as my old antique medical bottles to my vitrine where they can be seen.

I love old, antique photos and keys and I will make sure they are everywhere...

I know that many of these rooms and things are still only a daydream but I will have my dream home one day!

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