May 4, 2014

5 Weekday Challenge

So, I got the "5 Weekday Challenge" on Facebook from my friend. The idea is to photograph your daily life for 5 days and put the photos on the internet and challenge a friend every day. Since most of my Facebook messages shows only to my friends, I decided to post my pictures in here also.

Weekday Challenge 1/5
In a library, choosing a bleach and having a beauty sleep with my cat.

Weekday Challenge 2/5
Afternoon Tea (Cherry-Rooibos), lazy evening’s ready-made-pizza and a movie (Now You See Me).

Weekday Challenge 3/5
Celebrating May Day, enjoying and vegan doughnuts!

Weekday Challenge 4/5
Feasting and shopping with my friend! What a wonderful day… :)

Weekday Challenge 5/5
A creative day. Drawing, writing and listening to music.

I had so much fun doing this challenge! Therefore I challenge all of you to do this challenge as well (on your Facebook page, on your Instagram, in your blog, etc.)...

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