May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

It’s May Day!

The first of May morning rose early and created a beautiful view to the lake when the sun started to rise red from behind the blue clouds.

We slept late, cats included...

I like celebrating May Day, filling the house with paper confetti streamers. Cats are always more than interested of it. 

Traditionally, there is a May Day market at downtown but we decided to avoid the crowd and stay at home drinking sparkling wine...

Like in every festivities (Christmas, Easter, etc.) we use time making food. I made oven baked tofu with sautéed bell peppers, spicy potato wedges and gratin.

We also made vegan doughnuts which we rolled in sugar.

We cleared the bottom of our glass table just for the cats, placing a soft cat mattress on it and it has been a hit since then.

I have enjoyed my May Day! I hope you did too!

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