June 8, 2014

Art Project PART 1

Sorry for my absence... I've been doing everything, trying to be creative and thus, totally forgot to blog!

One thing I haven’t yet mentioned is that I’m mad about frames – most preferably old, antique looking frames! I love all antique looking frames, even they are new... I’m dreaming about my own home and how I would decorate the walls with paintings, pictures, photos and art.

I found these golden frames from a flea market some time ago and I had to buy them! They are not that big as they may seem on the picture, but they are just the right size to put next to each other on the wall.

There were cross-stitch flowers in the frames and I knew that something must be under them. Removing the back, these photos appeared:

These pictures are quite nice but I want something more original, so I decided to draw and paint pictures of my own for the frames. I first thought of painting the frames themselves silver or black, because gold has never been my color of choice and I might lean towards silver, because shimmering colors will look good against a dark wallpaper or color – who am I kidding, they look good against any color!

I have been pondering where to use this tiny key for and now I know – on the other of the small frames I will get a striped fabric and sew this tiny key to it. What I will paint or make up for the other small frame is still a mystery...

I have already made sketches of what I’m going to paint to the biggest frame; a raven holding an antique key in its beak. I love ravens and I love keys, so it just came into my mind that I would like a picture of them both on my wall... I'm still not sure whether I'm going to paint the raven with acrylics, aquarelle, watercolor, etc. I love painting oil colours but I simply can't afford them right now...

It is yet unknown how this little project of mine will progress and how fast. I’m eager to get these frames on my wall, though!

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