June 28, 2014

Awakening Sun

Yesterday was a sunny day after many, many gray and cloudy days. I decided to take as much as possible out of it, so I woke up earlier so I won’t miss a second of the light!

I was not the only one who enjoys the sun. Pikkunen (“Tiny”) and Lara like to find the sunniest spot of the house and at noon the sun shines right through my window, so Pikkunen just came into my room and started to chill in the warmth of the sunny spot.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, that it must be a day for grilling (tofu-vegetable skewer, veggie patty and soy wieners – all vegan)! It was also the day for the summer’s first sangria and peas... Yum!

Also, yesterday I decided to go to the downtown and ended up going shopping... again. I made some really nice findings. It has not been a long time when I found myself in a shopping mall last time and left there with a new skirt and a ring. Oopsie!

I tried several outfits yesterday and had a hard time to pick just one! But I ended up putting on my on my new skirt and new, black shirt/lace poncho – I just wanted to wear both of them, although I’m not quite sure does those zippers fit together with the ensemble. Oh well... I also thought about wearing jeans but I don’t have a decent pair of jeans in my closet anymore... I have not been using any kind of pants in a few years! I have a terrible time trying to find the right jeans for me, so that’s why I have passed buying them for such a long time. And I prefer skirts.

Today I saw my dad after a quite a long time. I haven’t had the time to dye my hair yet, even my hair dyes have arrived. But my dad doesn’t mind, he likes my light hair better than my bright red hair. Hah!

There was is a music happening ”Tammerkosken Sillalla” going on at the city centre and there’s a massive tent mounted in the middle of it where Finnish artists perform. The program is free during the noon and day (but at evenings and nights you have to buy tickets to the shows) so we went to see what was happening inside the tent.

We were just in time for there was a show where an entertainment choir Cantarelli was performing. They sang various songs from movies and hits from well-known artists both foreigner (Queen, Abba, etc.) and Finnish. The choir was very entertaining.

We walked to the park and back to the city centre again, down to the marketplace, through a shopping mall and landed in a terrace where I officially opened my terrace season! I ordered sangria, because it’s just my summer drink.

Then we went to get food from Thai restaurant (I ordered fried noodles with chili and basil vegetables and tofu). We just finished eating before the FIFA World Cup, Brazil vs. Chile match started. I had said I don’t watch football but there I was following the game until the very exciting end!

Today was a sunny day also, and I had extremely nice time with my dad. Overall, these two days have been very good!

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