July 20, 2014

Balcony Times

Days have been very hot, even too hot for my taste because there’s no breeze of wind nowhere... So we have to have to spend the days on the balcony doing basically nothing and everything (we possibly could have done in this heat!)

After these cloudy, chilly few days the absolute sun feels burning! I didn’t feel like turning the oven or even the stove on because of the heat so I suggested to get something ready, because I didn’t have the energy to bewitch anything from the fridge – so we got our basic breads from the café downtown...

And what else could be more suitable for a hot summer day than a glass of cold sparkling wine?

… and an ice cream?

The cats were also melting down due to the heat:

I heard the whole next week will be just like this; hot and sweaty! I guess I have to dig out my lightest and sheerest skirts of mine from my closet, just in case...

Soon-to-be vegan (again) note!
About the bread I got today: first I had been told the bread was vegan (when I was vegan and I asked was the bread vegan) but since then, I have learned that it is not (because it contains milk protein!) – nowadays it is has not been that big of a deal since I am a vegetarian and thus eat milk products only (still no eggs or anything)... I still order my bread without cheese but I since I heard the bread itself was not vegan I felt bad, to be honest! So I suppose from this day on I will order it with rye bread to make it vegan, because I’m going towards being vegan more and more again every day with my eating, for I still don’t use leather, etc... So my lifestyle has remained vegan even my eating has not, but only with the milk products part! I have just eaten cheese for less than a year but every time I do, I feel guilty and feel like turning into being vegan again! I can’t believe no one told me the white bread was not vegan when I first ordered it when I was a vegan... But to be honest; the whole white bread thing doesn’t really suit for my low-carb diet neither but sometimes I just break down with the low-carb diet, but only sometimes...
And eating "regular" ice creams will end too
I have been eating vegan ice creams also but sometimes the "more available" versions have got me. But no more!

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