July 13, 2014

Lazy Day

Sun has been shining on many days and the weather has been absolutely beautiful!

I was looking for a deck chair on the other day and while I was testing them, the bottom of one of my high heel’s broke.

But I found the right chair and it was on sale, so... After a quick fix at a shoemaker, my shoe will be like new so I don’t mind.

I have been enjoying it by doing nothing special. I just wake up when the sun starts to shine on my face and go to the balcony doing whatever I was doing – which usually is reading... drinking... eating...

I do everything but being on the computer or watching TV. I have not really watched TV that much for days to be exact... Oh well…

… and I regret nothing! Ha!

p.s. The first bumblebee of the summer flew in yesterday and cats were literally nose in front of it! I quickly shooed the cats away and in the end the bumblebee was let out and on it’s way it flew... But the endless hunting mode is exhausting for little cats!

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