September 26, 2014

A Different Friday

I saw my dad today – I was trying to decide what to wear for a long time and once I was ready, I changed my mind and went back home to change my jacket.

I should’ve guessed that this was no ordinary “lets-chill-at-home” Friday and should have put at least some makeup...

Later on the evening, we left to downtown and went to one of its restaurants which had a re-opening party.

All the tables were full so we went to sit at the bar. While we waited for the long line to the catering to shorten we ordered drinks; gin tonic and fresh orange juice with vodka and a hint of vanilla liqueur – too good! The orange juice drink had a cool name and a story behind it but I don’t remember it...

After we had almost finished our drinks, we went to the catering line and even the table was full on meaty dishes, even a vegetarian could find a plateful full of food to eat! I was more than glad and the food was very good.

The night was saved by a cup of cappuccino – something I never dare to order anywhere. I considered it as a much needed salvation from tiredness as well as a dessert.

We didn’t have time to stay at the party until the end because I had to go to the bus stop so I would not miss the last bus home. We hugged goodbye with my dad and I got into the bus. When I got home, I was hyper – maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the whole awesome day or maybe it was tomorrow... But that’s another upcoming story to tell.

I had such a great day today! Now I’m waiting what tomorrow will bring along...

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