September 15, 2014

Between Two Cities

Today I came back from Helsinki where I was for four days to see my brother. I had already packed my bag the day earlier I left because I tend to forget things when I’m in a hurry...

Arranging my beauty box was another thing... I had not touched it for months! Lara was more than willing to help me sort out everything in it.

On Friday I left with a bus to Helsinki and the bus was officially full! But luckily I had taken my tablet with me from which I watched a movie during the trip so it went by fast.

When the bus came to its destination, I waited at the inner city for my brother who was meeting me there, because to this day, I have never learned to travel inside Helsinki with all the endless busses, trollies, subway and trains... And I had way too many bags to carry on my own.

We went to my brother’s home – I loved how much effort my brother had put into this, for he had cleaned his whole home from floor to ceiling. So, we are twins and have always been close and I always feel we continue our things just where we left them when we have seen each other last time. Of course we call almost every day and chat with each other but that is not nearly the same thing than seeing each other in person.

During the weekend we played a lot! We played mostly a game “Beyond Two Souls” and a bit of “GTA V” and “Portal 2” – I let my brother to play the last one all by himself because I can’t just figure that game out no matter how hard I try! We tend to play well past the midnight every night... 

We went to a grocery store in the middle of the night because the days were spent to everything else but going there. And we made food even later. And stood up even later – gaming and gourmandizing, of course!

The mornings were the best; we slept late and usually my brother got up before I did to start of the day with his playlist of music while I was laying on the bed.

Then the day started off with coffee and a “healthy breakfast” which could be almost anything from sweet to savory. My brother had bought me vegan strawberry cheesecake flavored cookies and as much as he makes fun of my diet (always with humor!) I appreciated that so much for I thought it was so thoughtful thing of him to do. 

On Saturday we took a day off from making food ourselves and went out to a restaurant to eat. I loved to get myself ready for the night. My brother is also very pedantic about how he looks, even though it still takes him less time to get himself ready than me.

We ordered burgers – I ordered an ultimate veggie burger with so many fillings the burger was separated in half. The food came after the last call signal and I was starving but it was more than enough to fill the void. Ha!

When we got back to my brother home, we continued gaming. We got in the middle of “Beyond Two Souls” but the days went by so fast, we didn’t have time to finish the game to even see one of its 24 possible endings! So we decided to continue the game next time we would see each other... Yes, we already thought about the next time we would meet.

I was supposed to go there for only for the weekend but because we had such an amazing time, I decided to stay there for one more day. We also had time to watch some movies – deciding a movie which would suite for both of us is always a struggle because our preferences about movie genres are so, so different!

On this morning and our last morning, we were both tired because we had played so late. I had to wake up before my brother did, so I could pack everything ready. We left to the bus stop early so I would not be late, so we were there half an hour early and we had time to talk some more before the bus came. I had promised to myself that I would not have cried but tears came into my eyes when we hugged and said goodbye (until the next time).

I always love to see my brother, because it’s not too often we got to see each other even though he is not that far away. I also love to see his cat, Mr. Morrison, which I’m as fond of as to my own cats... He was so full of energy right from the start I arrived that he wore out and slept the whole day today. 

Then I went on the bus, which was not nearly as full as the one which I went to Helsinki. I killed the time by calling people and watching the rest of the movie I started to watch when I first left towards Helsinki... The trip back home went much faster than the trip to Helsinki!

I arrived home at 9 p.m. and as always when I’m coming home from somewhere, I unpack my things immediately. I can’t leave the bag laying around still packed... It’s kind of my coming-home-ritual.

To be honest, I have never gone to Helsinki alone so I was very nervous to go there. But if I would have given up to my own fears I would have never gone to Helsinki in the first place and I would have been missing all the greatest time with my brother. So I was beyond overjoyed that I went there!

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