October 18, 2014

What Have I Been Up To?

There has been a silence in this blog, since the end of September. I have been taking time for myself and getting forward with my life... Recovering, as one might say! And preparing future blog posts for my other blog, but also for this blog. Since I’m now balancing between these two blogs, it might seem unfair to leave this one without attention, but I’m trying to blog whenever I can!

I have been shopping and gone out more. I’m not sure if these are as related to each other as I think they might be, but maybe... I’m also preparing Halloween!

On Wednesday I went out to eat with my mom. Nothing fancy, just burritos... This one restaurant in downtown had got my eye, which served mainly burritos and out of curiosity I decided to find out do they serve vegan burritos. And they did. And it was good! I always love to get somewhere else to eat than the corners of my own home. It’s always a nice change whenever it can be arranged...

The restaurant had a comfy atmosphere with dim lights and its decor may look odd to the outside, because I believe it all has been recycled in one way or another, but once you go inside it all just fits there... The place didn’t have its walls covered with regular paintings (or ads of foods they serve like the major food chains does) but had peculiar artworks hanged on the walls as well as different lamps. I liked it!

On Thursday I went to see a movie, which was also a nice change to the ordinary weekdays... And I had a purchased movie ticket that needed to be reclaimed for a chosen movie so I went to see a comedy “Let's Be Cops” (or “Valekytät” in Finnish as the ticket say). I thought the movie was very funny, so the ticket didn’t go to waste.

In some days I haven’t been up to much and some days I have. But that’s just life.

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