October 28, 2014

Grab the Mic!

Today I was at TV show shooting with my dad.

It was a music game show thing called “Tartu Mikkiin” (or “Grab the Mic” in English)... The concept is that there are four Finnish singers and they are competing for points and who wins by trying to recognize a song from a karaoke clip.

It was really fun to watch it live. The filming process was kind of dull between the takes and I noticed it is not a one-take-thing. I had always thought it was a live show but they shot this for the beginning of next year! This was the last episode ever of the show so it was kind of historical as they said... But they have been doing the show from 2006 so it’s understandable that they wrapped it up.

Most of the guests were actually good ones! They were Pate Mustajärvi (from “Popeda”), Vesku Jokinen (from “Klamydia”), Olli Lindholm (from “Yö”) and Costello Hautamäki.

After the game show there was an aftershow where the host interviewed the artists asking about their career, albums, songs, how they came up with their band’s name, etc. It was really interesting... Between interviews the artists performed songs either alone or mainly in duet. I personally think the aftershow was better than the actual game show, but that’s just me...

After the show was over, everyone were swarming on the stage trying to get a picture with the artists... Me too, heh. I managed to track down Vesku Jokinen and Pate Mustajärvi.

Filming the show took about four hours plus the breaks, which lasted about an hour... So we were there about five hours – a lot longer than I first imagined. But the time was well spent at least from my point of view and I had a really nice day!

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