November 6, 2014

The Flakes of the First Snow

Today it happened! The flakes of the first snow came down!

You have no idea how much I wait for the first snow every year after trying to bear through the rest of Autumn which is not a glory of bright colors of red, orange and yellow anymore but only dead leaves rotting under my high heels...

Today, I left from a clothing store downtown and when I stepped outside I noticed that the wind was blowing tiny, delicate snowflakes. I love the contrast when the white snowflakes attach to my black jacket and faux fur collar.

I can be extremely happy for the little things in life! For example when I got out of the bus and I saw my high heels melting my footsteps onto the thin layer of snow as I walked.

The first snow always brings the memories of my favorite place back to me. I was on a certain photographing project when I was younger where we were given an assignment to photograph our favorite places. I had this one place near the place where I used to live and I absolutely loved it! I was the last one with missing a picture so I was hurried to take it already. I had waited for the Autumn to color the leaves with bright colors and went to see were the last green leaf turned to red almost every day, just waiting for the right moment to take the picture... But instead the leaves just fell off from the trees before they could show their colorful side. So, as I have always loved winter and especially the first snow, I was waiting anxiously for it to come down because I didn’t want to take the picture with half rotten leaves on the ground. The deadline of the project came to its final point so I had to go to take the picture... But then something magical happened! The first snow came down just on that very day I went with my camera to take the picture. I have always loved my favorite place especially on Winter, so to me the picture came out perfect and I can not thank Mother Earth enough for that...

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