January 1, 2015

New Year – a New Page in Life...

It’s time for a new year. Something I wait for very much after Christmas, so I can turn a new page in my life and “start over”. I have plans for the New Year to come and it feels it is time to make them happen.

I woke up early and enjoyed the sunny day. I tried to get as much out of the last day of the year so I can then put it behind me.

Making food is very important part of my New Year’s celebration just like when I’m celebrating Christmas. As I try to go towards being absolutely vegan again, I decided to make vegan tofu-zucchini lasagna – it turned out to be quite perfect for my taste. 

The cats were scared about the fireworks and even they were kind of interested about them they still tried to find some place safe to wait for it to be over. 

I got mail yesterday; the first season of Dracula – my absolute obsession! So I know what I'm doing on the first night of the year 2015...

The last day of the year went by way too fast, but I was more than ready to put the whole year in the past. I have tried to make some realistic New Year’s resolutions which I believe I can keep. Nothing big but to me even more important for me.

But nothing more to add. Let’s make the most out of this year! 


  1. That looks so yummy! I only saw one episode of Dracula and I thought it lacked something, although I cannot really place my finger on it! :)
    Happy new beginnings dear!


    1. Thank you! It was yummy...
      I got quite hooked on Dracula when it came from television - although it could have ended a better way, which I mean it could have had a better cliffhanger. But overall, I like that show.
      Happy new beginnings to you too! :)


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