February 17, 2015

Shrovetide & Sunsets

I have never known that Shrovetide is called Shrovetide. I mean, I have always known it is called “Laskiainen” in Finnish but I have never really thought about its name in English... Oh well.

On this year Shrovetide came just after Valentine’s Day and traditionally it’s preceding Easter... I started to look up when this holiday actually was and found out that the special days of Shrovetide were on Sunday and today, on Tuesday. I personally don’t mind this because every holiday gives me another good reason to eat more, since every café and store is filled with these Shrovetide buns, which are just like regular buns, yes, but they are filled with whipped cream and jam or almond paste.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how many food additives these ready-made buns actually had and I was shocked to notice that one of them had 18 food additives – there was something in everything (in the bun, in the jam, in the cream)! I wasn’t going to buy them in the first place because I knew they contained eggs and milk as well as some food additives, but eighteen is way, way, way too much for anyone!

So I baked vegan buns at home and ate them with vegan whipped cream and raspberry jam. Yum!

I didn’t have any coarse sugar or decorating sugar so the bun might just look like a bread roll filled with jam and whipped cream. Ha! But they were actually really, really good. And I have been eating them for three days now... But I don’t mind indulging myself on holidays. 

And oh! On Sunday there were the most glorious sunset I’ve seen in this spring so far. The days have become sooo much brighter and been very beautiful overall so I hope (and believe) that there would be more pretty sunsets (and sunrises) to come... 

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