June 20, 2015


Happy Midsummer's Day everyone!

Midsummer Day must be one of my favorite holidays. Not only because it’s the longest and lightest day of the year, but every holiday gives you a permission to eat and drink well!

My mom gathered together the most beautiful bouquet and brought it home. The smell of the fresh flowers were intoxicating!

The cats were also interested in about the bouquet... Way too interested! Haha. 

Later we put on the grill and barbecued our own delicacies – only vegan delicacies for me, of course. 

The dinner was very filling and good. And what can I say? I love food and I love to barbecue! 

The Midsummer Day’s morning was beautiful and misty! Almost like a painting... On Midsummer Day I give myself some more leash and let myself to stay up later than usual. There’s nothing better than a night full of light when sun never sets and you can get to see the rise of the new day. 

We had made the summer’s first sangria in the fridge to cool down and to absorb all the flavors from all of the fresh fruits well ahead of time! To me, sangria is a sign of summer! 

Because it was a holiday and stores were closed and there was nowhere to go, we slept late – our cats are fascinating creatures for many reasons; one of them is that they tend to sleep when we do. They don’t fill almost any part of the cats’ manual for they are unique. And besides, tiredness doesn’t look at a place or time...

The Midsummer’s Eve and Day couldn’t gone any better! Only the weather could have been sunnier, but to be honest, even the rainy, cloudy days didn’t bother that much in the end. There’s still time for the sun to come out!


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