July 5, 2015

A (Late) Summer Kick Off!

Summer is finally here!

Summer has been on and off, granting us mostly grey, rainy days and the last day of June was very stormy, the water was pouring down and the whole sky was blazing as the flashes of lightning preceded the deafening thunder. But! Then the first day of July was the most beautiful day and that really kicked off the summer this year! Better late than never...

Today was a beautiful and warm, sunny day. We went for a walk around and I took lots of pictures, because it is so nice to watch them when the summer is over. I try to immortalize summer through a lens of a camera. 

We had our own kick off to summer when later today we went to the shore and sat on a wooden patio, drinking chilled sparkling wine and enjoyed the sunny evening with no hurry and nowhere to go... We were just relaxing and talking and just listening the waves – the sound of sloshing waves is intoxicating.

We sat there as the sun was slowly setting and we were back home not until half past nine. It’s truly amazing how time actually flies in good company!

The Finnish summer is very short comparing to the other seasons. So, I have promised myself to enjoy the summer as much as I can and take everything out of it!

PS. As you may have noticed, the photos in my most recent blog posts have been not what they use to be, because my camera broke and I had to use this tiny digital camera of mine instead. But! Now I've got my camera from the repair shop where it was for weeks, which means I can start to take actually decent photos again! I couldn't be happier!


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