August 11, 2011


Hello. My name is Rebecca and I live in Finland in a city called Tampere. I was born in 1992 and my birthday is on 27th of January. I have green eyes and since I was a little girl, I have always wanted red hair. I have a twin brother who is 45 minutes older than me. I'm vegan, I have three cats and some day I would love to have pet rats. I’m an animal lover but as people ask wheter someone is a cat person of a dog person I have to say that I’m very much a cat person. Their lifestyle suits better in my lifestyle.

My favorite colors are black and red (obviously) and white. I have glasses, but I don't like to use them in photos. I love to photograph everything I see and I love to be photographed by everyone else. I also like to write, draw, paint and sing. I used to draw and paint a lot but now it's kind of on hiatus for I had concertrated on writing. Altough I miss drawing but I need the time for it - usually about 2-5 hours after I start. Singing is like a personal thing I like to do when I’m alone...

I love and adore and live through movies and music. I always have my old MP3 (first ever still suffering through all after all these years) with me always, wherever I go. One thing I love the most is WATCHING MOVIES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT - That's my kind of drug.

At first I didn't even know what blogging even meant and I felt simply stupid to Google it. It seemed that everyone else seemed to know what it was.

And this was basically the reason why it took so very long for me to start this. And at one point when I was younger blogging seemed like a new trend or something and EVERYONE seemed to do it. But I couldn't see myself keeping or even starting up a blog because everyone else did and because of that I "should" too and if that would have been my only motivating thing I would have had to FORCE myself to write some nonsense day after day after day and with each entry there’s at least ten pictures of my face and another ten of me standing, sitting and posing didn't seem to be my thing.

I don't know about the whole fashion and / or make-up thing for I'm really not that good doing all different makeups and reporting what the fuck I'm wearing this afternoon and also because this blogging thing is so new to me - who knows maybe I start to post something like that.
Still, I want to keep this casual enough and I will post photos, my art and maybe some vegan recipes and possibly DIY-ideas (if I EVER get that creative and talented) - though I'm not a photographer, artist or a chef.
BUT I tend to have too many ideas I would like to do but in the end I’m not doing a half of them for various reasons.

Something I am afraid is that in the end my blogging will be "I woke up. I ate breakfast. I had a boring day" – and I run out of things to write of and ideas in general. And that my blog posts won’t differ from tweeting or posting on Facebook. We will see...

... Now I'm not sure if this counts as an official start yet but at least something.

P.S. My English is still improving so if you mark any mistakes feel free to correct me – that's how we learn.

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