January 1, 2012

New Year’s Eve

After Christmas I count days to New Year’s Eve unintentionally. We went to see fireworks with my mom and meet my friend who was there watching the fireworks with her family. It was the first time something like this happened in Tampere at New Years Eve. By the exaggerated description of the site gave me and many other entirely different picture. And I thought it would AT LEAST be something like the firework show at Tampere Illuminations* ("Tampereen Valoviikot"). Last time I was there was over six minute long VERY
impressive firework show. Anyway! It was a nice thing which I hope will become a tradition or some kind. We had arranged with Kati that after the show we would go continuing to celebrate New Year at one of the local bars.

Blue Lagoon

My friend offered the first drinks and it was Blue Lagoon. It looked as pretty as it sounded. And it tasted so good. I had thought those “New Year’s Eve” Parties where everyone are counting the last seconds from ten to one was existing only in movies, I was off the roof when they were counting down of the last ten seconds of the year 2011. There was cheering and alcohol seemed to start flowing ever more after midnight. You could also wish a song DJ would play and after we had written our wishes with Kati we waited them to come and ordered another drinks.

The night went on like it always do; tequila shots, and cheap long drink. After a great night I went home in a good shape and realized I had not made any new year’s promises – hmm, now I have nothing to break/fulfill..?

Tampere Illuminations ("Tampereen Valoviikot") is an event which is held in every autumn, where the streets of Tampere are lighten for ten weeks. Tampere Illuminations consist of almost 200 light designs, which are hanged above the streets in the centre of Tampere. Traditionally there's also a firework show before the lights are being lighten up.

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Here's some more photos of the fireworks:

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