January 8, 2012

2012 – The end of the world?

It's funny because it's true...

The year 2012, the year with an ominous reputation. I just thought I would be so much more anxious even about this number 2012. It’s been said and written and fussed over everywhere. Even the catastrophe movie was made of the end of the world in 2012 and apparently it was very successful and everything – and I wasn’t that panicked. I mean I was anxious in 2011 thinking the next year coming closer and closer and what will happen then IF/when(?) something will happen and what would it be. I mean, the end of the world can be so many things… or ends… If not massive world catastrophes then maybe something else, a pandemic like Plague or Spanish flu or Nuclear war/World War III. Is THAT last thing made into a movie? (In the movie “Cubic” there is said that WW III came and even we survived, human race knew they can’t survive the fourth but’s it’s heavily related to the plot)

I know people are trying to make as MUCH of money they possible can of this. Hollywood make movies, people make a survival books for the apocalypse to come and some are trying to “save” people by taking their money or giving them false believes, for they are in such a fragile state of mind (a.k.a. religions and cults). I’m not interested in watching catastrophe movies or trying to read the holy bible from cover to cover trying to look for answers to ANYTHING or anything like that. I guess “The Day After Tomorrow” was the first (and the LAST) movie of that genre I’ve ever watched and I cried so much in the theater and even the movie was obviously too well done (except I don’t understand that part with wolves that had survived and attacked in the ship and all) my RAJA for “you are going to die” movies is more than full so I’ll pass... So I’ve not seen the movie “2012” because I am NOT using my money to a rip off and riding with this whole “the world is going to end in 2012” idea – and if it’s not those movie bosses with cigars are laughing harder than we ever could, maybe even after a total(????) pronounced apocalypse. They have not run away with all that money, so maybe they’re just as non-believer like the rest of us and the only worry on their mind is how the hell to use all that money?? And they are going to find another prophecy (relying on such a “fact” based story) which people adapt in their mind as much next for the next “very sure” end.

A “prophecy”... a story which, in this case, is made by superstitious Mayans who stared at the sky watching the sun and the stars and writing their observations down which are based on that fact that there is something going on in the sky... Why does these so called “prophecies” always base on a hoo-hah stories written down by someone in some time so long ago we just cannot have any proof whether it’s true or not. We just don’t believe it or believe it… some of us very blindly not questioning it at all. And they don’t seem to rely on any strong base of facts and proofs. If I’m Mayan I would be shit-scared when the sun sets and it becomes dark or seeing an solar eclipse. But we know now what this all is, the dark is night and there have been eclipses many, many times. And I know the positions of the moon for example can effect the water and stuff. I was watching this some documentary one day and there were these untidy men talking about this thing, that in this year the sun and the earth and some black hole is aligned and there’s going to be massive energy waves along with other ominous shit. This “mastermind” had such a big wart next to his nose I couldn’t do anything else but just stare at IT. It looked like he had something as “important” to say also. And another “positive” guy was saying that IF we survive the human kind will learn EVERYTHING about the time past us and EVERYTHING about the time in the coming future and human race are meant to be to take over the time. IF WE SURVIVE!! He emphased the word “if” a lot... I wonder where do these strange people get their master degree? From a box of cereals? I like cereals too but that doesn’t make me a professor. If I would be dedicated my life to “research” and “investigate” this and nothing happens I would hope that it comes for I could not live after that. That would be just too… too… something. I can’t even think of a word. And if the end of the world comes there’s no point to say “I told you so!” because it’s fucking end of the world and nobody gives a shit.

Ok. I do have conflicted feelings and thought about this whole subject even something like the end of the world should not be taken lightly but people do this to turn the anxiety that comes from it upside down and makes humor out of it. And part of me believes this is not going to happen but part of me is preparing for it to my very core. And these feelings are fighting between themselves – but if something is told you over and over again of course they can fuck with your mind and you start to react. But because this is very negative subject you start to fear. But if it would be a good thing such as world peace you would be happy! But why we don’t overload ourselves with something overly positive? Why always so fucking depressed and bad!? I know, it doesn’t sell and our world seem to be rather negative... No wonder we are so fucked up from the neck up.

There’s a reason why I don’t like to watch movies and documentaries. It’s not I’m afraid* but I like to protect myself. Seeing a short clip from a documentary make me feel so bad, not to mention the whole thing. The movies is made so well and I love movies and go inside to them that if I would see a doomsday movie I would probably become so hysteric I would jump of a balcony. For real.
* Sure I’m afraid of the end of the world that comes in some day but the way I see it, it comes so far in the future I can’t even think of it. But THIS end of the world thing I’m not that “farewell cruel world” afraid, this just makes me overly anxious.

 I do not relate this to religion of any kind but two things, to people and something more powerful, the nature we can’t control. BUT the end of the world (I’m getting sick of that word already, argh) is “foretold” so, so, so, so many times before by religious cuckoo’s, Hollywood movies, etc. And we are still here? I know the exact date is “December 21st, 2012” and relating to that it is too early for me to say, maybe tornados come, maybe the sky will fall, the earth will split in two – maybe not. I don’t know and no one does. That’s the point. Is the end of the world being so foretold over and over again that people are tired of it... or may get used to it? Because I’ve noticed when a sure thing and sure date and sure apocalypse doesn’t happen there will always be another date. I found this site once where there were all the old “end of the world” dates as well as the coming ones and the clock showing how much time to go. Do people NEED this to fuss over the other things in life? Like we don’t have enough problems already. Do we need this to feel alive when nothing happens?

Even some people seem to have a 100% personal opinion on this and someone jokes and laughs at it and someone try to run to somewhere to look salvation, like religions, I’m those who are uncertain and I just don’t really know what to feel. But I’m still NOT in that kind of weak mental state I’m going to run with my tail between my legs to religion or anything like that offering “help” for this. Over 2000 years and people would just now wake up “oh shit I need to do something”. I think life and death is beyond religions and everything like that. (after this I just kept on writing and it turned a text about religious kind of things but they are not the same topic as this post and I edited it before posting. Maybe I will post it later, maybe not...)

But here was no dramatic music when the year turned and people are not building arches. They are shopping and walking streets like they did last year and the year before that and the year before that... Even media is not letting us let this slide from our minds, we don’t seem to be that panicked even this is supposed to be our last year and “the end” is coming closer by every passing second. We shall see who we turn to, who makes a shitload of money with this (maybe I should put on a T-shirt stand in the city center) and what actually happens, who will laugh and at who? Such a gloomy subject – I better watch some stupid videos or something to clear my head. I don’t want to sink into this.

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