January 27, 2012

20th Birthday

Sooo, today nothing really felt different like I had been thinking would something feel different somehow. It’s basically just another birthday but this time round 20 years. I was quite peaceful and the fact that my age now started with a number 2 instead of the old “boring” 1 - I felt actually very, very nice and different but in a good way!

We both wished good birthday to each other around midnight with my twin brother. Our mother did so too but she’s so also as traditional that she like to wish happy birthday “officially” at the time we were born, 45 minutes earlier to my brother because he is exact 45 minutes older than me.

I had decided to celebrate my b-day with my mom (girl power!) and we went to movies to see “Puss in Boots” in 3D. Since I had seen the trailer I knew I wanted to see it, because we are crazy cat ladies and it occurred to the exact day my birthday was. We went to watch the original version OF COURSE, never dubbed in Finnish. No one else would’ve been better for dubbing the Puss in Boots than Antonio Banderas himself (like he dubbed it in “Shrek” –movies). I don’t even know who would think they can dub it in Finnish but I don’t think anyone can dub Antonio over properly. And original versions are always better.

Crappy cell phone quality – but I like the date. ;)

The movie was great! The movie was made very well with all the details, great music and the plot was nicely made. It amazed me how much cat-like things had been sprinkled in the movie, which showed at least some of them MUST have cats themselves. Even the little details (such as drinking) was so cat-like designed and made, which I guess would have worked like humans do (bottoms up!) but remaining those things like cats would do it (lipping it) remained the feeling those cats were actually cats even they walked on two feet – so there were nicely combined the best of the both worlds. There was so many things I see living with these furry girls every day. Oh, my three female fur balls would purr and sigh too if a cat like that would come behind our door. Puss’ boots would be thrown in the corner and the hat with the feather would be hanged on the door knob (if you know what I mean)... Me-wow!!

Later we opened sparkling wine and drank what we like to call “hömpsänkömppänä” (I have no idea how to translate that) which is something innocent boozed up – this time a smoothie from exotic fruit mix and booze.
I had put the number to the test and bought a stronger kind of alcohol. After checking it at midnight, it IS 20 years in Finland to buy spirits.

There’s no better thing that watch a movie in a movie theatre, there’s no better company than someone you love. What a nice birthday!

- - - -
I've never realized that Lewis Carroll has the same birthday like I do (he's born 27 January 1832). If you so not know who he is, shame on you. He was an English author, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer and his most famous writings are "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and its sequel "Through the Looking-Glass".

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