March 16, 2012

Nice weekend

Today when I got home I went straight to bed and we had a serious nap with cats.

So this is what I’m dealing with...

Later that evening I ended up making a huge pot of pasta with red lentil sauce. I could’ve made it elegant and put the sauce on top of the pasta but I smashed it all together and it was gooood.
I was hungry and so I didn’t have time to arrange a nice portion with parsley on top. Not very elegant picture but tasted a thousand times better than it looks in here...

I wanted to watch a movie and definitely something humorous to “clear” my head. Purely coincidentally I noticed there was “Hot Fuzz” coming later that night and I think it’s hilarious so I decided to watch it.

After that I went to the computer for a moment and then I went to bed. Siru had been following me around the house all day and was entrenched in my bed half the time – so I didn’t have to sleep alone.

After going to my bed I felt absolutely blissed.

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