March 17, 2012

Cats & Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

I woke up quite early considering I had went to bed a little late. But a big good mug of rich, black coffee would cover at least an hour of sleep. I spent the beginning of the day on the computer surfing on the internet and stuff. During the day I destroyed the lentil goodness from last night already planning the next food.

Food making continued later this night with vegetable lasagna and baking.
For days I had almost dreamt about baking and cinnamon buns were the first thing that came in my head when thinking about baking and kneading a dough. To save time my mom made the lasagna while I was making the cinnamon rolls. It had been a looong time since the last time I baked and making perfect vegan cinnamon buns ahd been on my to/do /list for ages now. The buns were success overall.

If I would gain a pound for each thought of food I would weight a million pounds already. I like food.
Once again, I ate way too much - but that’s ok.

Buns before and after the oven...

The cinnamon rolls turned out to be so airy and fluffy.

A perfect cinnamon roll.

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