May 20, 2012

Tea, Movies and Motocrossing a.k.a Salo

Picture heavy post ahead!

I had absolutely lovely trip to Salo with my friend Jake. He had asked me to accompany him earlier on last week and I said it sounded like a very good idea. We got going and stopped about at the middle of the way to eat. There were a whole wall of tea blends and spices at the resting place and I chose teas and paprika powder and we continued on. After an hour later were arrived to Salo.

Jake saw his sisters. The clock was quite late and we had plans for the next day already. We tried to watch a movie but I was too tired so we went to sleep so we would have energy for the next day.

On the next day after breakfast we headed to a movie secondhand shop Jake had advertised to me and I had looked forward to it. I was like a kid in a candy shop when I was looking through shelf after shelf of movies. I usually don’t buy used DVDs but these were in such an excellent condition it surprised me. I left the shop ten movies richer.

One of the main things of this trip was to go change tires to Jake's car and do fun stuff between it. After we got back from the secondhand shop we changed tires to Jakes car, before we would go to town again – I changed one and a half tires myself and I got to get myself dirty while getting into it and it was fun. We had talked about if we would go a ride with Jake’s motocross bike but when the time came I was a little bit nervous but then I grabbed a helmet and there we went. Jake drove as fast as the bike went and I was excited for the speed was so thrilling. Jake had told to hold on whatever will happen – and I did. My hair smelled like gasoline afterwards. I liked it.

We drove back to town and Jake showed me the near parks. Then we saw Jakes niece and went to eat Chinese food. After that we went to get ice cream and ate it at the park sitting on the bench and I took more photos like a damn tourist from abroad and I was only 2 hour drive hour away where I live.

Then we just walked down the streets of Salo and because Jake has lived there earlier made him the perfect guide. I took pictures of the church we went by and places we saw. Jake knew this one great place to take pictures but it was on top of a cliff – not that big but a bit too big for being on high heels. So I was climbing mossy cliffs with my new high heels but it was worth it, because you could see quite far from standing on that cliff and I took some nice photos and just looked around trying to put that sight on my mind and save it in there for later.

Before we headed back to the car, we went to this one bridge at this beautiful park. Then we headed back to the house and we got all our things. When I opened the door I was surprised when there was a cute cat right in front of me. Jake told the cat was named “Konsta” and he goes house to house to get attention and food.

The whole trip was a real Salo Sightseeing and Adventure with Jake. The time went by very fast when you have a lot of nice things to do. I would have like to go for another ride with the motocross bike but maybe next time. Jake said well in the car that trips like these are like the light of life and I felt exactly the same way. I was so glad I decided to go to Salo for I would not have changed the trip to anything. And to me these things are very important and mean a lot to me even they may sound small or like basic things for some people, for example changing a tire to a car. The car ride to Salo and back felt go by too fast, but I guess that's what a good company does. We also saw deers on our way back home and I was so fascinated by that sight. As we got close to home the sun has started to set, painting the sky beautifully...

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