May 18, 2012


Oh well... this was so coming. I came across this news about the science men finding the new Maya calendar. And it will take up to 7000 years from now. World just simply won’t allow its end in 2012 – it would be way too early
and bad for the business. But I now feel foolish thinking the world might end at the end of 2012 (yeah I was kind of one of those people). And now the end of the world in 2012 seems to be so yesterday.

I can only imagine the feeling upon those people who really think/thought the world is coming to its end on 2012. Poor suckers. This was so expected. The whole world and money and everything is spinning around of these kind of things that if there would really be the end of the world there would be a whole lot of money making upon this number. And even there has been and still is a lot of that it could be more.

And not to mention movie industry! But this time it will not be "2012" but "9012". It will take some time but the cash will rush in eventually... About 7000 years from now.

The end of the world has been foretold numerous times and will be foretold numerous times more. All we know is that yes, eventually the world will end but not that is it tomorrow or 1 billion years from this moment. I will sleep my nights well on this subject.

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