May 13, 2012

Girls Night Out & Mother's Day

On Friday it was a girls night out with my dear friend. It had been a long time since the last time I was out with her - last time was on New Years Eve. I was waiting it for the whole week after we had planned for it. We talked about everything, catching up what had been going on. We were at one place at first and then changed to our “regular” place later. The rest of the night went smoothly with tequila shots, long drink and dry apple cider. When we were walking to the taxi stand we were stopped by a couple of men and they asked us for one. The other man told me that if I was a straight I would be the woman of his life.

On Sunday it was Mother's Day. My mother is one of the most important persons to me in the whole world and I hope she could only know how much she means to me. At first I was kind of disappointed that I hadn't planned anything fancy for her to let her know that day was different from the others. She was unpacking a pile of moving boxes and said it was like therapy for her to see how they would empty one after another and that she didn't need anything fancy and it was enough for her to spend time with me. I had got her white roses she wanted and made her a card which seemed to be a very sweet thing to her.

We made vegetable and tofu "ricotta" lasagna and drank red wine. I had in mind to make peach tarte tatin but even you have found flour and you got peaches you can't make a cake without bowls and everything else.

These last days have been fine comparing to the previous days. I can have enjoyed these days more freely without feeling of not being there or something like that. Even after I had stressed over them way too much...

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