April 7, 2013

At a Birthday Party

Yesterday was my mother's big brother's wife's and her son's birthday party that we went to – she turned 60 and he turned 30. We woke up early and we got everything ready; we went to shower, I cut my bangs and put on my make-up and clothes. I took my camera with me for I love to photograph especially in the family meetings like these. We were a little late from the starting hour but we got in touch of everything very quickly. We got a starting toast and went to upstairs. We talked to the people for a while and then we went to get food which was served downstairs. I got a vegan food waiting for me there and all I needed was just to ask. It was bean stew with aubergine and pine nuts - and it was oh so gooood. Along there were all different kinds of salads. We were having conversations with the relatives on the table while we ate. We drank wine and talked about everything.

There were a slideshow of the birthday heroes. There were music playing from there on; Queen and Foo Fighters. And I just kept taking pictures and video. Then came the time for cake and coffee and there was a certain pastry just for me without eggs.

The little girls wanted to do our hairs so I let them to comb my hair and braid it. It was a beautiful braid for a 10-year-old to make. 

At one time I just set my camera aside and went to play hide-and-seek with the kids. They were really clever with hiding and I had to call them with a signal voice (their dad’s suggestion) of where they were - not a way I would have found them without it. Then it was for me to get into hiding and I was soon found thanks to the youngest of the children who busted me and one of the girls. But it was ok. The girls had books of models in them in which they can draw clothes on. Then the girls introduced their costume designs to me and I got to draw one of my own. One of the girls was so overwhelmed that she erased one of the models name and wrote my name instead because she knew I liked that dress, it was a Christmas dress. She was worried about the girl's hair color which was brown and mine was red, but that was ok. She wrote my mother's name on the other side. So it's going to be a battle who gets the drawing on each other's wall. I think I might win… 

 The girls soon had to leave – we hugged goodbye and said that we will go to see them soon. We then headed back to the table with the other people and talked about everything and get to know each other. There were a few more songs the lady with the guitar sang and we sang with her. I took photos with my camera from everyone. I would have time to look over the photos after the party so I could send them to the birthday hero. 

For the rest of the night I drank long drink and an Estonian berry liqueur, spoke to the people and took pictures. The rest of the night went smoothly, we talked and laughed. Then one by one everyone started to go home – we too. We got home by midnight. My feet were sore after using truly high heels again after the long winter. I had a wonderful day with wonderful people and with great food and drinks. This was a very good birthday party and I’m so glad I went there.

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