April 28, 2013

Greens And The Colors Between

We have started a plant growing hobby lately. We have found all sorts of plants and veggies from aubergine to red bell pepper and being nurturing them so they would grow and produce a little harvest. We have already got tomatoes and red bell peppers. Aubergine is next and cucumber in the future...

Cats have also been very interested about our new hobby and watch the plants closely. We seeded grass for them but it has not yet grown. Lara is very anxious to get her teeth on the grass right away but she has to wait. Poor thing.

Red Chilli
 Red Bell Pepper

We water our plants with a beautiful silver genie lamp (or whatever it is). I would definitely want it to my own home when I move out.

We also bought flowers and have been keeping them on our glass table at the living room to brighten up the days.

We will most definitely continue this hobby and maybe get something new in our veggie collection if we can get our hands on them!

Now I will concentrate on waiting May Day. ;)

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