April 1, 2013

Feathers and Eggs

Saturday was very nice. we slept late and ate late breakfast. Then we went out to shuffeling in a store and then we went to IKEA. We went through the whole place and then we ordered coffee. My mom had bought me a tomato and a cucumber plant for an Easter present. It was very nice. We got everything in the car and drank our coffees. Then we went to get willow branches for Easter. We got them and headed home. Cats were excited about the willow branches and sniffed them well.

We started to decorate the branches with feathers and glass eggs. The cats were more than willing to help. Especially the feathers were the main attraction.

We started to make food a little too late and we were done by the night. We made oven-roasted vegetables, garlic cream potatoes, seitan and creamy pepper sauce. We were supposed to do a peach pie but it was postponed to the next day.

Later that evening we watched the movie "Holiday" while making food and enjoyed some girl time with a good movie.

The eating went off a little bit late but the food was gooooooood and so worth waiting. The whole day had been so good I have not had such in a very long time - This must have been one of the best days of my life so far.

On Monday we slept late and enjoyed the free day still because of Easter. We were lazy and while we still had previous food left we got ourselves some Easter pizza (mine with the toppings of mushrooms, bell pepper, tomato and jalapeno).

We tried to do everything on Easter but our grass just wouldn't grow and even it was very attractive by the cats it still was not grown enough. But we’re going to wait until it’s grown so we can let the cats to eat it. Maybe next Easter we will plant it a bit more earlier...

This Easter was the best yet and I hope the next one will be at least as fun and enjoyable. Now I love Easter!

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