June 26, 2013

After Midsummer Day

So I had been stressing over Midsummer Day – how fast it will come and is summer over after it. The truth was that it didn’t come so fast and the summer is not over. In fact this June has felt so long already (which is goooood) and hopefully it’s not even over yet.

We didn’t have a plan to go anywhere special on Midsummer Day like on our relatives cabin or something. The Midsummer Day didn’t go right like I had planned it to – it kind of went by me. But we have been enjoying the days after it more than anything.

On the other day we just sat in the balcony, drinking rosé and eating fresh strawberries and peas and enjoying the day with talking and reading.


The cats were also enjoying the breeze outside in the balcony.

Later that night we made vegetable-tofu “ricotta” lasagna which was so good as always.

I was asked am I going to any festivals but I have to say I’m not a festival type of girl. I can’t be with hundreds or even thousands of people around me. So I’m planning to spend my summer with friends, out with people, enjoying it at the balcony and outside and I’m going to go to the picnic in this summer. I have truly enjoyed these days of summer and I will not think when it’s going to be over but I will just enjoy it with my fullest!

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