June 5, 2013

Have a Nice Day!

On the other day I had a nice summer day at the balcony. We popped sparkling wine and sat there enjoying the warm day, listening to music.

 We sat and did a crossword puzzle and time to time I wrote my diary. I missed Siru again when we did the crossword puzzle for she always liked to sit on top of the magazine. This is the first summer without her and it’s hard.

We put on the grill and I grilled a soy stake inside a rye bread and made it into a rye burger. Oh so good!

I enjoy days like these, just be able to sit in the sun with no hurry and no worries. This is what I have been waiting through the long, cold winter. I want to enjoy every single day of summer so it won’t just go past and I would realize it in the Fall that it’s too late. So I will take everything out of this summer!

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